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  1. Interesting topic that caused me to look back at what I used 20 years go. I had very bad groups using a 170 grain all lead bullet. Finally tried a 170 grain gas check bullet made by Laser Cast and it shot very well using 3031 powder. Then quit shooting any long range stuff and moved on to other things. The gas check made the difference in accuracy
  2. Law enforcement types in Iceland who might have to deal with polar bears carry full size 10mm Glocks
  3. 38 colt short is a little smaller capacity than 9mm Luger and 38 S&W is a little more if you are looking for a rimmed cartridge to compare data. As mentioned before, since a lot of SASS shooters are looking for light loads, the 9mm case would be very efficient. One thing to keep in mind if loading 9mm for SASS is to be sure to mark the cases or box so you don't try to shoot them in a normal 9mm pistol. Mostly likely they will not function the slide, Generally the revolvers with two cylinders had the barrel size for the larger caliber. 22 mag, 357. At SASS ranges it really doesn't matter if the barrel is a little big and often testing finds accuracy is about the same. I have seen some people load off the shelf lead 9mm 147 bullets in 38 cases to get the right over all length to work in some 357 rifles and accuracy was plenty good for SASS target ranges. At common distances regular 358 bullets give about the same accuracy in most 38 S&W revolvers even though they are supposed to be .360. I suspect the Taylor revolvers will shoot just fine with plain lead 9mm bullets and if someone runs a test you might find the barrel is 357 or 358.
  4. Ruger for years has had something in their manuals wanting you to shoot only jacketed ammo in their 9mm cylinders. They also say, like all most companies not to shoot reloads. I have shot 9mm lead in a 9mm cylinder of a Ruger Blackhawk convertible and 45 ACP lead in a Ruger Blackhawk convertible . Below is the warning from the current manual. It says you could have some lead build up preventing 9mm ammo from going in the chamber. It sounds like the problem with lots of 38 Special fired and then trying to load 357. You might have to do more frequent 9 mm chamber cleaning. My Blackhawks worked just fine with lead, but you do need to keep the chambers clean. For someone with out a stockpile of 38 brass and all the free on the ground 9 mm brass shooting 9 mm in the revolvers could be attractive Notes on Revolvers Chambered for 9mm or 30 Carbine: Because 9mm cartridges are manufactured worldwide for use in pistols, revolvers, and submachine firearms, it is possible to encounter cartridges which, when fired, develop pierced primers. If this occurs, discontinue the use of the particular brand or type of ammunition. The possibility of a pierced primer is another compelling reason why a shooter should always wear protective glasses to shield his eyes. Use only metal jacketed bullets in 9mm and 30 Carbine revolvers. When a lead bullet is fired, its base expands and a ring of lead is shaved off and deposited in the shoulder area of the chamber. A build-up of lead rings can prevent proper chambering of cartridges because 9mm and 30 Carbine cartridge mouths seat on the chamber shoulders.
  5. I watched a western movie the other night on tv called Old Henry. It was easy to see it was made on a very low budget, One of the bad guys was armed with a 1917 revolver long before they were made. A little later a main character came out of a cabin, not with a 66 or 73, or even the often used in westerns a 92, but a Winchester 94 AE / angle eject, They must have used whatever someone happened to have in their personal collection and thought no one would notice. I did..
  6. One poster on this thread mentioned using small rifle primers in 38 pistol cartridges. Small rifle and pistol are about the same size with different hardness and flash potential. Large pistol and Large rifle are not the same size
  7. Several years ago I acquired a like new Kirpatrick R-26 left hand holster. It was brown with basketweave, a regular retention strap and a white lining. It is a closed end type. I was cleaning house today and found the holster . Seeing it again it think I tried to find out before what it fits . I found an e-mail from 2017 where I contacted Kirpatrick and asked them. A nice lady replied she did not have a chart and it had been discontinued 15 years previously. She thought it fit a large frame revolver. Since cowboys seen to keep lots of old stuff, anyone have a old chart that says what a R-26 fits. It was one of those purchases that came home from a gun store, Thanks.
  8. One source says the Colt was made in 36 calibers so 32 Colt New Police is likely one of those
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