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  1. I’ve been using a micro disk with Bullseye to load 1.8/1.9 grn. consistently in 32 S&W long with no problem. I guess it depends on the powder type.
  2. I’ve seen that type of ejector spring for the 97 elsewhere for sale. Wonder if anyone has any experience with the new design.
  3. The latch only opens with the hammer in the safety notch. With the hammer down the latch is blocked by the hammer.
  4. I have a pair of Uberti Schofields in 38 spl and they show no sign of deterioration. The spring operated latch can't be pulled back to open the cylinder while the hammer is down. It would be nearly impossible to cock the hammer and pull back the latch at the same time. The latch can only be pulled back with the hammer at the safety notch or at full cock. I checked my original model 3 Schofield made in 1875 and it operates in the same manner.
  5. But that’s the way they come out of the box
  6. Red dot, 2.8 grains works great in 38 spl.
  7. Try this site for reloading info for primers https://www.shootingbot.com/shooting/items/primers/small_pistol
  8. I have used gold model paint. Works well and is very durable, lasts for many matches before touch up is required. Cleans up with acetone.
  9. It won’t do any damage but the longer it’s left in the harder it will be to remove. I use a 38 brass cleaning brush with a drill with some solvent and run it through the cylinders at low speed and the cylinders are like new.
  10. The manufacturer states that any standard primer pickup tube will work. I had to modify my Hornady tube slightly and it works well. Slightly chamfered the end per the rep recommendation. When I talked to the rep he said there tubes work consistently, but they are pricey.
  11. Mine must be the newer version as it has the concentric rings. Still need to flip a few by hand.
  12. I ordered a Primafill primer tube filler and it came in today. Works great the first time. No more pecking at primers. I was able to fill one hundred small primers as fast as the guy in the ad video. Great product.
  13. Yea, I really like those Rugers in 44 spl. Matched up with my ‘73 in 44 spl and I have a winning combo at any match. I now use 135 gr bullets in the pistols and 160 gr. in the rifle. Both shooting over 800 fps. Recoil is minimal and easily controlled. Recently picked up a Rossi Ranch Hand in 44 mag that feeds 44 spl as long as they are loaded with the proper oal. Nice addition to my 44 collections.
  14. Spray down with Balistol after a match and wipe clean the next day. Nice and shiny.
  15. I got these wads in a box of misc shotgun loading supplies. I load my own shot shells using Claybusters wads. I’m not planning to use any of these wads but would like to know how they would be used for reloading. Thanks in advance.
  16. Federal small pistol magnum primers at 89.99 per 1k. Limit 2 per customer.
  17. Silver muzzle brake for Ruger Mini 14 pre 2005. NCSTAR brand. Like new never used shipped CUS $10
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