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Whats your take...graphite coated bullets

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Was stoked to find a box of 500 45cal lead in a LGS. Got "home" to find these in box 20220415_202813.thumb.jpg.2884b11a94d43329c08e83291092577b.jpg

I remember shooting some before and made a difficult mess to clean. I shoot black powder so I know what it's like I have to have a good cleaning regiment but BP is easy these are a different story I have a nice stainless Springfield Armory national match 1911 shooting them thru. What's your take ?

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This looks more like moly coating (at least from pic) Can be done two ways, dry or "greasy" It has its pluses and minuses (and yes, moly coating can have negative as well as positive effects on stainless barrels as well)
For the low velocity of 45 acp...not going to make a difference either way...moly is usually (or was I should say, during the height of its fad)another way to try to eek out some more velocity and accuracy from guys shooting high powered lead.
For banging away with a 1911, just a bit messier to clean IMO. Not going to help or "hurt"

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1 hour ago, Max Doolin, SASS #53631 said:

these seem to be really dry and smooth


Sure they are not polymer coated?   That can be had in a black color.  If this won't rub off, but can be shaved off with a knife,  good chance it's poly coated. 


Poly coated would be very nice for your 1911 loads, if they will fit into the throat/leade of the barrel. 


These appear from your very small photo to be Round Nose Flat Point slugs.  Some RNFP designs just don't fit in the 1911's standard throat and have lots of failure to chamber failures.  Try a few through the gun before you load the whole lot.


good luck, GJ

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THIS ↑↑↑↑  I've used graphite coated bullets in 45ACP & 40S&W, proper designed bullet worked well in both.  I use a rubber glove (like a mechanic's grease proof glove) when handling lead bullets... works for graphite coated as well.

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