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  1. I told you it'd take longer mailing an MO. should see it this week..the MO that is and I will ship asap. Please use the PM function moving forward.
  2. Make an offer that beats what I was offered at a LGS before shipping of course and we got a deal.
  3. Ok I just need to move this so here it is all calibers are mixed with some once fired and reloaded brass. 40S&W - MFRB - Almost half full gotta be somewhere near 500 cases $35 shipped Next is 45ACP bout a half full MFRB $35 shipped MFRB little over half full .308win $40 shipped And a MFRB 3/4 full .223 range pickup $40 shipped Lee 20ld bottom pour used and for hard cast $old Lee 10lb pot used for pure lead casting $old Lee 6 cavity molds (38 (356-120-TC), 9mm (356-125-2R), 40 (401-175-TC), 44 (429-200-RF), 45 (452-200-RF) & 00 buck (works for the .31cal c&b pistol also) handles are included ALL SOLD Range lead smelted in 2lb ingots for bout $OLD Pure lead for $3lb plus FR shipping SOLD
  4. SPF-Hornady lnl with Inline upgraded shell catcher press has updated eject system & 10 lnl bushings also most any shellplate you'd need (38/357, 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp, 45lc, 44/40, .223, .308 will update if I missed anything everything $425 SPF-MEC 600jr 12ga with adjustable shot and powder drop & standard bar $75 RCBS powder drop and stand $50 RCBS Hornady Classic with auto primer feed. Looks like I better keep this one, another plan undone. Hornady case trimmer with 4 shell holders (30/30, 45/70, 44/40 & 45lc $75 Trimmer F1 Shooting Chrony $125 Chrony
  5. New prices gotta move these pistols fast. Well be listing Lee molds and available brass the next few days. Listed in a new ad, molds are gone already but still have brass check out my other ads
  6. I still have those. I only fired the mouse fart 22s they did group well but sighting was not close
  7. If any of you cowboys are near Rapid City, SD. the next few weeks I will have a table at the Traders Market swap meet fri-sun 10am-5pm, 4pm sundays its at the Rushmore Mall. I have brass, lead, molds, Lee 20lb casting pot, Mec 600jr 12ga press, Hornady LnL press w/just about any shellplate you need and a reloading bench. CAS belts, holsters, shirts, a vest, roping cuffs, pocket watch(batt operated needs work), knifes. Plus any BP guns and rifles offered here.
  8. Everything is priced in the OP that is available. Apologies it is the #1 question asked guess I kept too busy.
  9. Guess my eyesite is faltering. The Dragoon was manufactured in the mid 90's and was nib when I got it I have fired about 24 rounds thru it and have smoothed and lightened the action.
  10. Did I miss a reply to you rafe? Let me find it a take care of it.
  11. I apologize for no pictures but had to get the ad up connection is bad rite now upload soon. Thanks for all the interest answered all pm's but Harley's its that little .31 pocket that everyone wants I think I need to edit it as it says on box its the pocket model aka: the baby dragoon I luv's this one almost as much as my Remmies.
  12. Prices do include shipping now. I have a Uberti '48 2nd model Dragoon (SOLD), a '49 pocket model .31 cal aka: baby dragoon ($250), a Pietta '58 Rem .36 cal 6" brl ($250). Available w/ .38 cal conversion ($175), and a Pietta '58 Remmy 44 cal 5" brl ($225). If anyone may be interested I also have a Traditions Kentucky Flintlock w/ new extra frizzen its a kit rifle nicely done with browned brl and lite not gaudy carving in wood $425 Some Pictures More Pictures
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