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  1. well I done have a mind to..sell em before I need em. Thanks Pards
  2. Hey gator great to hear from you. LD as I remember them I think that first batch I tried (over 10yr ago) were the greasy type these seem to be really dry and smooth and I believe same manufacture for both if memory serves.
  3. Was stoked to find a box of 500 45cal lead in a LGS. Got "home" to find these in box I remember shooting some before and made a difficult mess to clean. I shoot black powder so I know what it's like I have to have a good cleaning regiment but BP is easy these are a different story I have a nice stainless Springfield Armory national match 1911 shooting them thru. What's your take ?
  4. I'll ad to the accuracy of 357 thru a .36ca '58 "Kirst edit" its a Howell conversion, I use a 120 Lee bullet just need to push it over 700fps or it tumbles.
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