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On a warm late spring day I rode up to a pond

That was fed by a clear mountain stream

And I noticed a drover stretched out on the ground

In the light of a golden sun beam


Well, I say ‘twas a drover, at least at first look

Just catching a snooze as they do

He was resting in peace there by the brook

I dismounted and said, “Howdy do?”


A big Paint was near, standing still as a cloud

Looked to be a good sixteen hands tall

He was beautiful, muscled and seemed to be proud

As he waited his rider’s call


The cowboy then suddenly lifted his brim

Which was covering most of his face

The look that he gave me seemed just a bit grim

I thought I should give him some space


But he sat up and smiled and his smile was quite warm

And he yawned and then stretched, and then rose

“You’re looking unsure boy, but I mean you no harm”

And he winked and then touched his rough nose


His voice was both gravel and fresh mountain clover

As he walked to his horse with such grace

Could be I was wrong ‘bout him bein a drover

Why had he come to this place?


He stirred his small fire and filled up a pot

Put a handful of coffee inside

Then he poured us two cups and my very next thought was

“He drinks down that dark brew with pride”


He reached out and patted the neck of his Paint

A preacher, or a teacher?, thought I

Or a sheriff or outlaw or maybe a saint?

These questions I had in my eye


“I see that you’re wonderin just who I might be

Out here alone on this trail

Drink your coffee he said”, smiling at me

“And I’ll tell you a bit of a tale”


“I was once young like you as all old men were

And I’ve done a lot in my life

I spent time as a soldier and a trapper of fur

I even once had me a wife”


“I’ve punched a few steers and played a good fiddle

Worked as a clerk once or twice

Went to sea as a lad and got caught in the middle

Of some brawls in some ports that weren’t nice”


“Never stayed very long in one place it seems

Something always called out to me

I’m happy to bed down by clear mountain streams

And just let things be as they might be”


“Life is a cup full of dreams you will find

So reach out. Reach out if you will

And when they say, “Don’t”, you just pay em no mind

And drink deep till you’ve had your fill”


“Stretch out your arms. let your heart be your guide

It will serve you well through the years

Whatever you do, do it with pride

Even through all your doubts and tears”


He finished his coffee and packed up his roll

And he mounted and took up the reins

Gave the big Paint his head and started to stroll

Toward the peaks that reached up from the plains


I asked, “Where are you bound sir? Where will you travel?”

As he gazed at the far distant snow

He smiled, reached out, and that voice that was gravel said

“Only my heart will know”


© 2/7/22

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1 hour ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

image.png.676dff13b974c7fe359b3bcce7ec3105.pngPin on Moda, Estilo e Imagem Pessoal

No whiskey in it though. ;)

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It has worked well for me!  I have learned that life will take you where you need to go and show you where you need to be,  IF YOU JUST LOOK AND LISTEN!


On a lesser level, I have often told those who ask where I’m headed when I travel for pleasure, “I’m just following my front wheel.”

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On 2/8/2022 at 1:40 PM, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Bravo, my friend!  It struck a chord in me that will continue to ring true.

Yeah. I reckon it describes a lot of us.

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