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Happy Birthday US Navy

Subdeacon Joe

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I can honestly say that we always behaved in the most appropriate manner befitting a United States Navy sailor when on liberty. ;)



2 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


Awe, he was just jealous and probably a prude. 




This flippin’ merging Bull S*** really has to go!

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3 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


I can say with certainty that there are no pictures so it couldn't have happened.  :ph34r:


That was always my golden rule…NO CAMERAS ON LIBERTY PERIOD

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Navy vet...1970-1976. :FlagAm:

Gettin' shot at, just made me madder. :angry:

Shootin' at them, just made me gladder. :D

Just like now, we were not allowed to win.


GOD bless our veterans, both active, and retired. 

I'd do it all again...even knowing what I know now, and knowing how it turned out. 

You bet-cha!!!  :FlagAm:





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