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mine came with one  but this was in the late 70s

 still have the gun it just sits in the safe alot now 

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I bought a pair of Ruger Single Six back in 2012, and the .22 Magnum cylinders were included.

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So everyone is making comments that have nothing to do with the question...too funny!!:lol:


I've had customers that have...wasn't a big deal. Would have to check with Ruger to see if they are still doing that program or you can find a Mag Cylinder and fit it yourself.



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Posted (edited)

When I was 7, my dad bought me a Single Six Ruger revolver.

Almost every weekend where were camping in the desert.

We took turns shooting bottle caps off a fallen Joshua tree.

My dad offered to buy me a new Single Six but I said I wanted the one he gave me.

He bought a new Single Six and it came with a Magnum cylinder.

He called Ruger to ask if he could send the first revolver back to be fitted with a magnum cylinder.

They asked for the serial number.

Looked it up and said the gun was not able to take a magnum cylinder.

The old frames where slightly shorter and the magnum cylinder would not fit.


I still have that Ruger.

It has a 5 digit serial number starting with 1.

Makes it about 12###.


We would shoot 3000 to 5000 round per weekend.

For at least 10 or 11 years.

Then not so much but maybe twice a month.


This little Ruger is probably the tightest gun I have other than new never shot guns.


No it is not for sale.


Note: The loading gate is flat with a thumb nail notch in it.

It does not follow the recoil shield shape.

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Ruger will only fit an extra cylinder if the gun originally came with it. That was what they told me last time I checked with them a couple years ago.Best to just call Ruger and see if they will fit one.If not, then as Phantom suggests, find a .22 Mag cylinder and have it fit to your pistol. About a 95% chance it will drop right in.

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