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Looking at sp101 in 327


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An SP101 is an SP101.  They are very tough and the .327 has not been out long enough to wear one out.  A friend bought one and likes it.  The only problem is ammunition.  Winchester and Remington do not load it.  It is hard to come by when things are normal.  Right now everything is marked out-of-stock, no back orders.  Luckily it also shoots .32 H&R, .32 S&W Long and .32 S&W so even if the cartridge is discontinued (it has not been a sales success) you can still shoot the gun.

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There’s been a used SP101 in the display case at my LGS for 3 months. The price was $750. It’s now $500 and I’ll bet I could get it for less if I wished. It’s a consignment. There is no ammo around here for it. If I had the ammo  components I would definitely consider buying it. 

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Starline #2530 brass for 327 Federal Magnum is on Backorder, meaning you can probably get your order in, and it will be filled before you die of old age.
500 ct for $144.50

Hodgdon Online publishes a ton of loads for this cartridge.
77 gr up to 115 grain bullets
Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester powders in a wide variety.

Speer says this thing packs quite a wallop.
The 100 grain bullet has more muzzle energy than 9mm, 38+P, 40S&W, 10mm 45ACP and 45 Colt.
This is over 5 pounds of recoil in a 1.8 lb SP101.

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