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:ph34r:  BSS manufacture date of 1971, V-shaped spring with rounded area at peak of V for mounting/retaining screw.  NA through Brownell's or Numrich.


This was Fred Bursey's personal shotgun, purchased 2012.  A real sweetheart, but the spring in question has lost its tension.  Perhaps ground too thin on one leg and spring action has disappeared.  

Are replacements available?

Can it be re-tempered and resurrected?


Anyone with EXPERIENCE dealing with this situation?


Thanks for any and all productive responses.

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No to retempering.  Very hard to guess exactly a good temp to quench and to draw when you don't know the steel used.


Browning company parts service:



Art's Gun Shop - a well known factory repair center in Kansas (IFRC)



Ol # 4 - this thread from last December describes a spring he has for BSS lever.




If all else fails, a SlixSpring for the Colt 1878 (TTN) may have the right shape.  


Good luck, GJ


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Bad B,


Check your PM I sent a note.

I have had made a custom wire torsion replacement.


Ol'  #4

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On 4/14/2021 at 11:55 AM, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:

:ph34r: Yep...2 is one, one is none.  SOP when I was a M/C mechanic; one to use and one to lose.

I’ve had very simple 10 minute gun jobs turn into 90 minutes looking for a dropped part. 

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