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Briggsdale 24 Stages

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Pinewood kid wins the first Briggsdale Iron Cowboy 2 day 24 stage match by 7 sec !!

Proud of my son .....

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Shot 18 stages in 2 days at Siege of San Juan.I thought that was grueling.


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That sounds fun and exhausting. Congrats!

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9 hours ago, Assassin said:

Congrats to Pinewood Kid! 

24 stages in two days was grueling.


I shot on Assassin's Posse and it was great fun. He was a helper all throughout the two days. His clean 480 rifle and pistol combination was very exciting to watch. I've shot with Pinewood Kid in several matches and had just as much fun. The two of them are what the game is all about and my Congratulations to Pinewood Kid. Hell, I cannot even get within 7 seconds of either one on just one Stage, let alone an entire match.

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We have shot very little over the winter due to inclement weather. This shoot was like shooting 4 monthlies in two days. 480 rifle/pistol rounds plus shotgun. Considering ammo is going for $34-40 for a box of 50 my reloading presses are quickly becoming a valuable asset. Hopefully next year his event will be 36 stages over three days. 


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