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  1. I had a great deal of fun at the 10/17 monthly at Border Vigilantes in Cheyenne, WY (Read Otto Range home of Hell on Wheels). Half of those who showed prior to the match left because of wind gusting to 30-35 mph. My son, Devil Dan, and I had come up from Denver and we were there to shoot. Finally, 6 hardy Cowboys went up to Stage 1, Hats flying and coats flapping we had a blast. To those who stayed, Phantom, Assassin, Water Boy, Devil Dan, and one new shooter going to college (Mad Hatter), plus two spectators, it was great. Not the best scores but the best of times. The moral of the story: There are at least 6 hearty souls in any one group no matter the conditions. Doubt seriously we would have plowed through two feet of snow though. By the way, the wind gusted so high it broke my gun cart and flipped it over. Plus it was fun watching Water bOy chase an empty shot shell bucket for about 50 yards.
  2. This trick is so cheap and works like a charm. I pick mine up at Home Depot. Diamond Curly has been using this with great success and he passed the trick along to me. It is just flat the best there is.
  3. I have used Run-N-Iron out of Nebraska for my CZ and it runs nicely. I am sure Johnny Meadows can give you great service as well.
  4. As a SASS member in the 100,000, it would be smart of me not to join this string of comments and observations. Please notice I did not split my infinitive; however, I am fascinated by how quickly Small Pistol Primers did leave the shelves. It clearly shows having a reasonable stock of reloading components for one year or two years of shooting is a wise thing. Having said that I am down to one year's worth of powder and primers.
  5. I lost one of my holsters yesterday at Badger Mountain Range War. It was a fantastic match, perfect weather, location, and shooters. My Posse 6 was filled with excellent Cowgirls and Cowboys and the stages gave us some challenges. Thank you to the M Lazy C Ranch whose accommodations and meals were top notch. Not sure you would find more than 1 lost holster, but just in case I have attached a picture of mine. Thank you for looking as my other holster is in the safe crying for its partner. Russ The Red
  6. Notice I didn't mention who wrote the stages! I shall remain a secret.
  7. In the midst of a very trying year, the Border Vigilantes put on one Hell of a championship match. Hell on Wheels, for all the shooters I saw and talked with, was outstanding and just what the good Doctor ordered. But, in every shoot there is never enough time to really "Thank" the hard workers in the background, so I'm here to give a big shout-out to Assassin's team starting with his wonderful wife Belle, Water Boy (from Chey-Cast), and Hawkeye Sam ( a great RO instructor) and his wife. Lastly, I want to thank the writers of the 12 stages, who gave us plenty of movement, thought provoking sweeps, and an excellent Top Gun shoot-out. By the way, keep an eye on Cimarron Sonia as she won overall Top Gun while remaining as cool as a cucumber in going up against Cobra Cat, who was as gracious in loss as he is humble in victory.
  8. When I was a young kid in Oklahoma (50's) the local Army Surplus store had these stacked in barrels selling for $10. The school I attended was built on an old rifle range and we would pick up spent and misfired bullets which fit these carbines.
  9. Sorry to hear about your illness. I am going to see a very good friend of mine who is dying of Parkinson's as a result of Agent Orange contact. He is a 25 year Marine and tough as they come by some of these diseases don't give a damn about toughness. Thank you for your time "in country."
  10. Rafe, did you know Billy Regan, Msgt? He was with me in Iraq.

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