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DIY nipple socket - no video

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I've been using a little T-wrench to service my cap guns but it's not nearly handy.  I've been meaning to make or buy a better one but.. this one works.  I was looking for something else and found a plastic case with the remnants of a set of small sockets made in Taiwan.  I plucked out two likely sizes that ID and OD looked right.  This one happened to be 4.5mm. 




I took my Dremel tool with diamond crusted bit and roughed out the cut. Then cleaned up the notch to fit with a diamond crusted needle file.  I found a driver adapter in one of my gunsmith screwdriver sets to fit it to my custom stubby but I'm sure I'll find another socket driver somewhere.   Works great! If I need MORE POWER, I can attach it to a ratchet wrench.

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I use Outers choke tube grease. I turn them in and break loose about a quarter turn. Then when I'm ready to shoot, I turn them in tight. 


I've never had a stuck nipple on any of the cap guns in my care.  The only time I have fought getting nipples out is with a few used guns I've bought that had been neglected. 


The socket I modified to use on a driver is a much handier tool than what I had been using. 

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While looking for something else,  I ran across a 1/4" nut driver that's handle was crushed off.  perfect for my nipple socket.  I cleaned it up and thought about a handle.  I was heading towards a walnut handle like I made for my stubby screwdriver project.  But I figured it should look more organic.  I rummaged through my stash of antlers and picked out one previously owned by a spike buck.  




I just have to Acraglas it in place. Of course,  the socket will come off so i can use a ratchet wrench if need be. 

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