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  1. This will take you to the Fire and Ice application: https://ccsa-az.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2022-FIRE-ICE-APP.pdf
  2. Thanks. I just ordered 5000 CCI SPP’s from them.
  3. Some cap and ball shooters like this socket. It fits standard or hex nipples. It’s a modified 1/4” drive narrow neck deep well socket.
  4. Some bp shooters find this cylinder block comes in handy to hold the cylinder while removing the nipples.
  5. You can wait till the extractor fails or you can clean the buildup out periodically and avoid the problem. My wife and I shoot every weekend year round and I now clean them a couple times a year.
  6. Scarlet Darlin and I both offer this Bolt Bench Block. We also offer a pin punch and replacement pin material.
  7. Actually, you can order a quantity of 10 which is 10,000 primers. It’ll cost about $900.
  8. I ship multiple packages every week in the USPS PRIORITY MAIL small boxes. They haven’t lost one of mine in years. I did notice the price went up $0.55 today from Tuesday.
  9. As mentioned above, contact Johnny Meadows. He has a really good method to repair this. I used his method on my SKB 3 years ago and it’s still holding up shootin Cowboy 3 times a month.
  10. I had forgotten that EOT wasn’t in New Mexico this year. I seriously doubt there will be any at EOT in Phoenix.
  11. And Winter Range and EOT. In 11 years of SASS Cowboy and Wild Bunch, I have yet to see a “loading table officer”. I’ve had a few shooters ask me to check their revolvers, but not many. I’ve never had anyone check mine. Works for me.
  12. I’d cut it and drill/tap for a new front sight in a heartbeat.
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