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    There's the actual stage instructions. I can't figure out how to remove one of the double pics.
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    In the 10 years I’ve been playing CAS, I’ve seen it change to Shooters Choice where you don’t know what target the shooters starting on or whether the shooter is going cw or ccw. Also lots of shooters putting out 24 rounds in 15 seconds or less. Spotting has become very difficult. I don’t like spotting or timing anymore. I have become a brass picker. If you really want all your hits we’ll need to paint after every shooter or go to paper. JMHO
  3. I have 6 mags loaded with 7 rounds each on my belt and carry one to the load table. I don't carry a 'Barney' mag. When we used 5 round mags I always brought 30 loaded for me and 30 loaded for Shotgun Shannon to a match. With the 7 round rule now we only use 18 to 24 mags each per match. We shoot where mags can land in 'flour' dirt so we don't reload them at matches. And as Garrison Joe mentioned we're known to shoot a lot of ammo at Cowtown in Phoenix. I like the occasional 42 round stage as long as I can remember where they all go. A couple years ago at 'The Bodie Blast' I think the main stage was 210 rounds. BRUTAL !!!
  4. I use Mernickle holster and belt. My mag pouches are all made by Arizona Redneck.
  5. In addition to the usual stuff, I carry a set of digital calipers, a tape measure, and a pen and paper. Someone's is always needing something made.
  6. btt for a pair of nice revolvers - wishing I had the cash
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