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  1. You can clamp it in a vise if you want, but it was designed to be a stand alone tool for your workbench. Hence the name “ Bolt Bench Block”.
  2. Yup, my credit card company contacted me about a suspicious charge. They declined the charge and are sending a replacement card.
  3. I load on a PW 800+. I bought it as NOS for 1/2 price. My problem is finding shot.
  4. Joe, is this what it looks like ??? KingSnake
  5. Hey Joe, if you can’t find one, let me know. I’ll make you one. KingSnake
  6. Big Iron Buster had one on his gun cart at EOT. Seems like they were $350+. Don’t know for sure who made it. I ran some of my shells thru it and it did a good job.
  7. KingSnake


    Shotgun Shannon and I are signed up.
  8. Want to buy used or new pistol grip stock for a Uberti rifle.
  9. Hey, there’s Racen Jasen. A fine young man to posse with.
  10. I never allow chips to build up like that. You end up recutting them along with workpiece. Hard on tooling and leaves a crappy finish. Use the coolant or an air blast to clear them. But that’s just how I machine, your mileage may vary.
  11. Recently had a shooter ask to hear the beep before stage 1. Asked to hear it before stage 2. The same at stages 3,4,5. When he asked to hear it before stage 6, I said “you do realize that we’re taking the same timer to each stage”
  12. First time I tried “jeweling”, I put a pencil in a collet in a Bridgeport mill and put 1200 grit lapping compound on the eraser. Kinda like homemade cratex. Worked great.
  13. I have two 650’s with strong mounts so I’m comfortable loading while standing. My other presses are also set for loading while standing. Sitting and loading just isn’t comfortable for me. Always been this way.
  14. The last two orders of primers and powder came FedEx. I got several emails telling me I had to be there to sign for them. Both times they just left them at the door while I watched them from my shop. Fine with me.
  15. In manufacturing, 50% on raw materials, 100% on purchased products.
  16. Probably wouldn’t be sdq the first time at clubs where I shoot. But there’d be a chorus of “watch yer muzzle”.
  17. Short answer, no, not SASS legal. It’s not even close to a Win 97. One problem is no external hammer.
  18. Great video of the youngest of a great shooting family
  19. I placed the same order plus 8 lbs of Red Dot for loading shotgun shells.
  20. They will let you buy up to 10,000 Fed SPP’s. Plus an 8 lb jug of Red Dot.
  21. I load 1 1/8 oz of shot with 13 grs of Red Dot. Feels like LNLR 980’s yet takes down all targets.
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