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A Small World Story

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A little background:

My Father was career RCAF. He was in the Reserve RCAF in 1932 (#9 Hamilton Bomb Squadron) and went into the permanent force in 1936, realizing a war was coming; Mussollini Hitler et al.

When war was declared Friday September 3, 1939, he was stationed at RCAF Rockcliffe outside Ottawa. The CO "asked" everyone to to attend the church of their choice, wearing their uniform, to help re-assure people that there was a military in being.

Dad attended his church of choice; St. Margaret's Anglican together with his best friend, Basil Van-xxx.

At 11:00 am, the choir entered and Dad saw my Mother, for the first time. He told his buddy, Basil,  "That's the girl I'm going to marry!" 

They married two years later.

Flash forward 81 years, to a female furnace technician, who came to my place, to perform the annual maintenance. She introduced herself as Miss Van-xxx:

A bell rang in my mind and I asked her if she was related to a Basil Van-xxx to which she replied "Yes! He was my grandfather. He was a career Air Force officer!"

Feeling a little playful, I said, "I can tell you where your Grand-father was at 11:00 Sunday September 5, 1939" which earned me a strange look.

I was able to show her pictures of her Grand-father, with my Dad and Mother and pictures of him at my parents wedding.

Small world


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7 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:



   ....................................... well, you is in Canada .......   



I was thinking similar. Isn't there something like 500 people in Canada and 20 million mooses?

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