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  1. If those fit 5 1/2" barreled Vaqueros, I'll take them.
  2. I will take #22. 6 each - .300 Weatherby Mag $2.00 If #28. 69 each – 5.7 x 28 FN $8.00 is untumbled and still has the clear protective coating on them, I will take them, too.
  3. Many years ago, I put a Jewel trigger into my Walmart K22 10/22. I also bought a cheap 4X scope for it that was on sale someplace (never expected to keep it on that rifle) and is is a very nice little rifle with those two additions. Would never sell it. Won't let my kids take it, either!
  4. While I doubt they will get the votes to pass that nutcase bill, I would not be surprised to see the current Administration try to put some of that stuff into place through Executive Order or Federal Regulation. We have TABOR here in Colorado, which is supposed to prevent any new taxes or tax increases being put into place without voter approval. That said...if I look at the back of my annual car registration renewal, the list of the dozen or so charges I must pay are almost all various types of fees...one of them, is indeed, listed as a tax. The Colorado politicians regularly use the fee and
  5. In grade school, we had two different sirens: one for the bomb drills and the other for tornadoes. For one, we would "duck and cover" under our classroom desks; for the other, we would go downstairs to the lower level and be in lines ducked up along the wall.
  6. Brass arrived...making friends with the other brass now while awaiting a reload. Thanks!
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