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  1. We have done some remodeling around the house the past six months and watched the price of 2x4's steadily rise from project to project. Last week I picked up some steel edging last week as I have started redoing some rock area in the front and was going to replace the old stuff that was put in 25 years ago...stuff ran $19.95 for an 8 foot section and when you overlapped the sections, you actually got 7.3 feet out of it. Needed an additional special stake to tie in two pieces at the overlap...well, I was looking at $130 for the first 29 feet and I had a long way to go. By the next morning, I de
  2. While I have ordered Starline brass that was not in stock...it has typically shipped within a week despite that out of stock status. Currently, they are not taking backorders on the .38 Special...so I suspect, in this case, they don't have a production run coming up anytime soon on the schedule and there will truly be a wait!
  3. Looks like it went to Puerto Rico???
  4. Fuel prices up, electrical rates iincreased, water rates increased (although this was an earlier multi-year approval), food up, hops up...think this is going to be a sustained trend for awhile...
  5. National Park Service looking for volunteers to kill bison at the Grand Canyon | Arizona News | azfamily.com I was about to share a version with hobos on a train, but you pretty much covered it!
  6. My credit union has had a person stationed at the front entrance: no hats, no sunglasses, customers have to briefly drop their mask in front of the ATM camera, and...for awhile...they were checking drivers licenses. Have had the no hat/no sunglasses at some of the LGSs. Some of the LGSs will verbally say "you don't have to wear a mask in here if you don't want to..."
  7. I have a pair of these and love them. Upgraded the wood and had Longhunter slick them up.
  8. John Kloehr has the honors of first reply on both the Galco poster and the Raisins.
  9. Working my way through some boxes and came across these California Raisins. should anyone want them (put them on a shelf, target practice, ???), they can be yours for the cost of shipping.
  10. I'm going back a bit further than five years, but I became a single parent during the middle of my Army career and there was an exception to get my 3 and 5 year old kids issued ID cards because I was a single parent and there was some additional need for identification with various things, such as day care, others watching for my kids if I had to be out of town, etc.
  11. I'll have to check some of my boxes...think I might have half a dozen in there, somewhere...
  12. We just had a Scheel's open here in Colorado Springs and they had a lot of ammo...pistol stuff lasted for five days, I believe. Lots of .22 LR 500 round boxes for $39. Knew it wouldn't last, though. A week later, they still had a decent amount of rifle and shotshells...but not sure what they might now have a week later. The primers were gone the first day (1 box per person) and the powder didn't last much longer. At least the Remington line has restarted production...
  13. Big mattress, small wife...no problem!
  14. We had a Scheel's open here in Colorado Springs this past Saturday. A few people had set up tents the night before. I got there just before 6:00 AM and was probably 75-100 people back in the line. They had previously announced a 3 box limit on ammunition, but nothing specific on reloading supplies. Once inside the store, you had to decide whether to get into the reloading line, the ammo line, or the gun room registration line. Turns out they had reloading limits of 1 box of 1000 primers per person, 3 boxes of projectiles per person and 2 cans of powder per person. Even by the time I got to t
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