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Flight Radar - Some Questions

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So I got interested in Flightradar24, watched local air traffic, and just upgraded my subscription to dump the ads and get more aircraft information.


Maybe one of you can help me with the following:


I saw an icon this morning that I did not recognize.  Turned out to be a 4 rotor drone.  It originated in upstate NY.  Flew SE out past Provincetown, looped around, and flew into Logan Airport, making an approach just like a commercial plane.  It "landed" (speed dropped to 0) and stayed stationary on the runway.  Ten minutes later it was gone.  I thought drones were banned from airspace near airports; is there some logical explanation for what I saw?



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Hobby drones are prohibited in restricted airspace.  And must yield right of way to standard aviation in unrestricted airspace.


I believe there are now "professional " licenses that allow them to land at airports.  Certificated Remote Pilots including Commercial Operators


See these pages if you are REALLY INTERESTED in the details:



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