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Allow me to introduce Mr. Reid Larson. Since 1977 you could find him on Interstate 74 at Exit 82. Pumping gas and turning wrenches, only closed on Christmas Day. You could be assured that every morning at 6:00 am, Reid was on the job. Except Sundays, he would go to church and open at 10:00 am. If you lived within 5 or so miles and could not get in for repairs, he would pick up your car and return it when done. "Pay me when you see me," he would say.


Old school. Old values.


Just before Shortcake's dad passed, she got a call from the ICU that he was asking for her. I was subbing that day and could not leave school. Emotional and frazzled she took off for the hospital with a low gas tank. She pulled into Reid's for gas and told him where she was going. He gassed her up quick. She realized she forgot her purse and could not pay him. "Pay me when you see me," Reid said. As she turned around in the station driveway, Reid ran toward her waving his arms to get her to stop. He gave her $40.00 out of his station's till. "You may be there a while and need something to eat and drink," he said.


Reid lost his wife this past summer, and decided it was time to go.


We are running out of Reid's, sadly.


Appreciate the ones you find.


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Bless you Mr. Larson.  You are truly a rare breed.  Thank you for all the help you have given to those in need.  Wish you well in retirement.


Thank you for sharing, LDD.  We need more stories like this, especially in these times. 

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There is a lot about this world that is NOT better!!

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he understood that life is what you make it - he made it better for all that encountered him , hope the community sees fit to take care of him well till his life ends 

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