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I do believe it is time for turkey cooking recipes

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:FlagAm: Everyone has their own recipe for placing an unforgettable bird on the table Thanksgiving Day.  So for starters, here is Chas B's:


Two days before the big day, start with a thawed or fresh bird.  

Place in a brining bag with equal parts of buttermilk, non-tap water and one cup Kosher salt.  Mix ingredients together insuring salt is dissolved prior to putting in bag.  Use enough so that entire bird will be immersed in solution inside bag.  I also add one tablespoon of Italian seasoning and one teaspoon of granulated garlic.  Place bag in refrigerator or large ice chest.  Using ice chest, add ice to keep bird cooled down.

One the morning of the big day, make a mixture of softened butter and what seasoning your prefer.  I use poultry rub and sometimes a little of my smoking rub.  Remove bird and pat dry.  DO NOT RINSE!  Gently loosen skin from breast and liberally place butter mixture between skin and breast.  Generously rub down entire bird with either olive oil or more softened butter.

Now here comes the kicker, SMOKE IT!  I have used a Weber kettle as well as our pellet smoker.  After placing the bird in large foil pan and putting into smoker, fill the chest cavity with unfiltered apple cider.  City folks can find this usually in the produce department.  I use a mixture of hickory, apple and cherry to smoke poultry.  As the bird is doing it's thing, every hour baste it alternating with the apple cider and a semi-dry white wine like Chardonnay.  The trick here is LOW and SLOW.  225F-240F tops for cooking temps.  

Depending on the size of the bird, six to eight hours later you will have a work of art sitting on the dinner table.  The skin will be crispy and the juices run out while carving.

And the gravy will be unbelievable.  Make a rue out of butter and flour or corn starch.  Add a little at a time to the warm drippings in the pan to get the desired consistency of thickness.

Trust me on this one.  The return on investment of time and effort is well worth it.  

ENJOY ALL and have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.


Chas B.;) 


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Similar but not quite Same Same Pettifogger.  Ring up yer local Restaurant Delivery Service.  Order your Thanksgiving dinner . . . . De-Livered.  Sit back and Watch the Games.


Plan "B"  Order Chinese Delivery.  Sweet-n-Sour Shrimp, Sweet-n-Sour Pork.  Shrimp or Pork Fried Rice, Wantans.  Yum.  Repeat for Xmas.  Repeat, Watch the Games.


No fuss, no Muss, No pots nor pans.  Sublime you betcha 

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8 hours ago, Cyrus Cassidy #45437 said:

I'm going to fry our turkey for the first time this year.  I've been watching some videos on how to do it without burning the place down.


Not difficult. Just don’t try too big of a bird. 12-14 lbs tops.


We raised two turkeys one year. Dressed at 27-28 lbs and 35-36 lbs. The smaller bird cooked fine in the oven. The larger one, we quartered and fried, and failed. Every part was so big, the outside burned and inside would be raw. Had to finish in oven.


12-14 lb birds in fryer have always worked out pretty good though.


Best of luck.

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Brine it in your favorite brine, joint it,  cook it on a bed of vegetables.  Heat the oven to 350 F.  Start with the breast, leave it whole, add the legs after about 30  minutes,  and the thighs 30 minutes after that. Everything should be done at about the same time. 

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