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Jerry Jeff Walker

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My family moved to Texas in '71, at the start of my senior year in HS.

The Cosmic Cowboy music was just getting started, and for my first concert in Houston, I saw Jerry Jeff, Michael Murphy, B.W. Stevenson, and Mance Lipscomb at Liberty Hall. I thought, man, this is the music I've been looking for, and it's been here in Texas all along. Well, it hadn't, until Willie moved back to Austin. The scope of the music has widened, and now they call it Americana, but it's still my favorite music.

Some of Jerry Jeff's concerts at the Summit were wild. Girls (grandmas, now) would get on their boyfriends shoulders, and attract the cameras for the big screens. Not quite what you see in Joel Osteen's church (the church bought the den of iniquity, and broadcasts world-wide).

Probably the only singer I saw more than JJ was Linda Ronstadt. Her version of Long Long Time still brings tears to my eyes.

I'll miss Jerry Jeff. I still have a belt that I bought from Capital Saddlery in Austin.

Another Desperado caught the train...

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Its 'up against the wall', red neck mothers

Mothers who have raised a son so well

He's thirty-four and drinkin' in a honky tonk

Just kickin' hippies asses and raisin' hell


From memory after 40 or so years.  Guess he left an impression.  

Loved his stuff.

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When a songwriter is good enough to be memorialized in somebody else’s song, it’s enough said!


A great performer in his own right, his writing was and is remarkable!!


I know I’ll miss him.

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