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The Power Of A Partnership

Calamity Kris

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Uno and I have been together nearly 30 years.  I think we've forged a true partnership.


We experienced a severe micro-burst last evening that blew a number of palm fronds onto the roof of the house where it butts up to the screen patio roof.  Difficult to reach area at the very least.  Uno decided he wanted to remove the fronds before today's bad weather came in.  I know he has a fear of heights so I asked him if he REALLY wanted to do that.  He said it has to be done.  I was working in the house and I heard him climb on the roof, then I heard nothing.  I thought I had better go out and see if he needs help.  As I stepped out the back door he shouts "Is that you?".  Yes I answered.  He replied "I can't do this."  I calmly said "OK I'll help you get down".  I got him to roll over onto his stomach then calmly gave him instructions on which way to move to approach the ladder.  He managed to get his footing on the ladder and climb down.  He was ashen.  We both went inside and I suggested he sit down.  A couple of minutes later, I brought over a glass or lemonade and asked if he was feeling better.  His color had started to return and his breathing was slowing down so I knew he was going to be OK.  He then agreed we need to hire young bucks to do this kind of work and not try it ourselves.  I heartily agreed.


My instinct kicked in and I knew he was in trouble without being told.  He said I walked out as he was just about to start yelling for me.  I don't know what I would do without him and I don't want to find out....


If you are so inclined, please share some of your partnership stories.

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I have been married to my best friend, confidant, lover and so much more for 32 and a half years. Like you and Uno we are so interconnected that most people wouldn't believe it is possible. 

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Dear old Dad came home from work at oh too early in the morning, unannounced, expecting he'd have to peck on the bedroom window and duck real quick to avoid a fast moving frying pan, outbound.

Instead of the business end of the cast iron, he found the kitchen light on, fresh coffee perfuming the air and Mama sitting up waiting.

"I knew you were coming."

Not the first time she knew, and not the last.

When they were high school sweethearts, Dad was graduated and Mama was a senior: she was in Government class when she came out of her seat like she'd been clap boarded across the backside, she screamed like a panther and hit the floor, out cold.
Turns out that was the very moment -- the VERY moment -- dear old Dad was riding a tire.

He'd been airing up a split rim, he had the split rim down and was kneeling on it, the split rim blew and he said that at the top of his rise, he looked level-on at a shelf that was normally at nose height on him, and him a tall man.

He came down and broke three ribs, he said it hurt so bad he laid there and the world went kind of grey and hazy, and Mama said later she felt his ribs break, that it felt like she'd been kicked by the front bumper of a B model Mack mule hoof.

The connection is real, and I doubt me not you felt Uno in that moment.

Well done, darlin'!



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I've always put it down to Mrs. Doc being gaelic and having foresight or precognition if you will, but she knew, with no doubt, that I would be activated for Desert Storm, and that I would again be deployed for OIF/OEF. She actually woke up the morning of our wedding thinking to herself we had made it, and she was wrong. I was activated on our wedding day.


Not quite the same thing, but I have long been able to tell from the tone of her voice if she needed me. She has also always called me first. When she crushed her toe last year, she called me. If you had asked me as I was heading out the door what she had said, I wouldn't have been able to tell you. I heard her voice, and just said "I'll be there as quick as I can." I will only admit to pushing the speed limit and bending it slightly.

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We can't hide anything from each other.  Sometimes I'll call her from work and ask if she has taken any Tylenol yet.  "How did you know I was hurting that much?" she asks. 


Usually it is just unconscious observation of minutiae before I leave for work.  How she sounds, the corners of her mouth, how she moves, the set of her shoulders, even how the dog acts around her.  I give her enough time so that she could have fully woken up, done her morning routine, and taken the pain killer.  

Or I'll get home and she'll tell me "Take a hot shower, take some Tylenol."

We don't get the pain, or shadow of pain, from the other but we do read each other pretty well.  Where we do think alike is when we are commenting on something on TV, we will, out of the blue, start saying exactly the same thing at the same time, with the same intonation and timing. Then both pause at the same time, and start laughing at the same time.

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