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Reduced - Cowboy Clothes 2X, 3X and Boots 13E


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FS:  Cowboy Action Shooting clothes and "stuff",  I lost weight and a lot of things don't fit anymore.

These are the first.  I'll post more as I take pictures and measure items.


A.)  Scully B-Western Shirt.  Brown and Tan.  Marked by Scully is marked 2X but it is really a 3X

       Chest measurement is 58" and sweep is 56"  

       No marks, stains, tears or fading.  Tried it on and hung it in the closet.  That's it.


1898631471_DSC_00011.JPG.5208aa471e4926f2262462681217da13.JPG  1676643531_DSC_00021.JPG.992fe7c8cbb14340957c6756d571f52c.JPG  


1667844851_DSC_00031.JPG.8d1e69dd076aa1aeba41469b092e6cfb.JPG  763085889_DSC_00041.JPG.dc814aa3ce8f2e7279f7d74fa3656234.JPG


55.00 includes shipping 



B.)  Durango, Brown, Full Leather Boots with Vibram-type Heels and Soles.

       Size 13 E  In very nice condition.  There are some spur scratches on the toes.

       13" tall from bottom of heel to top of shaft.

  257978116_DSC_00061.JPG.b09f1f6f31942ea53ff09fc3cbacb36a.JPG  1117611921_DSC_00071.JPG.2458347796501691d5a7f51955aa0f6f.JPG  1572544790_DSC_00081.JPG.011223e31fd99a2ed6e69484f8d4c21a.JPG


1692022578_DSC_00101.JPG.2690fd0c84830ced4546efccc8bc855e.JPG  1252547038_DSC_00111.JPG.7b3b5019f17258ec367d8b15a48bec7e.JPG  622155384_DSC_00131.JPG.4801fcc00a0cbeab6bf805cef17e9a4e.JPG


75.00 65.00 includes Shipping



C.)  SOLD Scully Fringed Suede Leather Coat.  Size 48R  Color:  Buck Tan

      suede leather coat with long leather fringe on front and back yokes, shoulders, sleeves, and front pockets. Hand laced trim on pockets, front, collar, lapels, and yokes. Leather lacing            on sleeves and back yoke. Beaded epaulets on shoulders have leather lace and tie accents. Sueded bead-like pocket trim. Concho button and loop front closures. Two inside welt              pockets. polyester lining. 


1324128864_DSC_00151.thumb.JPG.1d63e0c4568ed52adc1d8a57b704dd87.JPG  2100111548_DSC_00171.JPG.c00364e27a71bfaec42285611d3e3326.JPG


1956535416_DSC_00181.thumb.JPG.0e13754719664b37443a70dccf686b33.JPG   DSC_0021 1.JPG





D.)  Classic Old West Styles - Gentleman's Prince Albert Frock Coat

       Grey pin-striped coat with Black lapels and accents   (color is Grey and Black.  Some of the pictures came out a little on the blue side)

      I bought it, but lost the weight before I got to wear it... so this would be NWOT (New without tags)

      Size 52, gives you a 54" chest so you can wear it over a vest.


368970052_DSC_00221.thumb.JPG.60fc11280f871603b510467aaa6994a2.JPG  790476976_DSC_00261.JPG.6f9b441438a7eb461eea2b443ae2009f.JPG  1631779460_DSC_00231.JPG.6cd7ab8ccd898841e7ca968fe1d258c8.JPG




95.00  75.00 shipped.



E.)  Confederate, Medium Grey, Enlisted Shell Jacket, 7 Button Front.  Unlined and Untrimmed except for Cavalry Sgt's. Stripes

       100% Wool.  South Carolina Buttons.  54" Chest and Sweep


1879082993_DSC_00291.thumb.JPG.a48123c61cd1b77ad7f2b684ab8288e1.JPG  546243886_DSC_00281.JPG.66e1300f90b463fb6562433b0bfe5095.JPG


867508835_DSC_00311.thumb.JPG.5403360974605ab2c2ae0cce147079f5.JPG 2076111575_DSC_00301.JPG.2b6bbcf5f193db5aa5ccac531dfe2615.JPG


75.00 65.00 shipped.



F.)  SOLD Brown Leather, Brass Spotted Roping Cuffs.  Lined with a roled forward edge for comfort.  

      Cuffs are 7" tall.   No Maker's mark.  I don't remember who I bought them from. 


1826600249_DSC_00351.JPG.2f3d2bd0674a7e7699eb8144522aedbd.JPG  1775650293_DSC_00321.JPG.38835a5f7a58485fe6844aac3c93bc00.JPG


944297917_DSC_00331.JPG.a17b0bb04c7914c6b1f716a079e844f9.JPG  2076477049_DSC_00341.JPG.ac594f6c0596a2b9d77367699cb3e490.JPG





Cash, Check, or USPS Money Order.

I can do Paypal, but add 4% for Paypal fees









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14 hours ago, Will Kane said:

PM sent regarding cuffs.

Will, replied via PM


14 hours ago, El Cubano said:

If will doesn't want the cuffs let me know.


I'll let you know,  thanks!

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"There are some spur scratches on the toes."


Doc, 'bout fell out of my chair :ph34r:

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16 hours ago, Irish-Pat said:

If anyone buys the confederate jacket I have the matching pants for sale.  I  am not trying to hi Jack your sale only help it out

Excellent idea, thanks!

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Duc....please confirm that you received the gold and have shipped.  Thanks.

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