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  1. Like New Justin Boots - Silver Collection Square Toed- 11 1/2 D . Beautiful, Black Boot with Silver upper. Extremely Comfortable. Worn to a wedding and 4 banquets. Pictures upon request. I paid $179.95 plus tax. Your price $95.00 plus shipping. Style#: SV2522 Description: The Jed is a 12-inch tall Men's cowboy boot with a sleek black leather exterior that’s accented by a simple blue, gray, and white stitching along the upper. The perforated saddle foot features a square toe and heel that allows for a relaxed fit in the stirrup and the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® insoles with removable open cell polyurethane orthotic inserts provide maximum cushion and support for lasting comfort. Upper: 12" BLUE/GREY BUFFALO Foot: BLACK DEERCOW Toe: J125 Wide Square Toe Heel: N Heel, 1 5/8" Height Long Base Cowboy
  2. Probably would work the same, but what about the .22 shell running through the. 38 barrel?
  3. Old jocks never die.....you play like you practice. I practice with my match guns. I shoot duelist, have small hands, and my pistols have the lower competition hammers. Have been unable to find .22s exactly like my Uberti El Patron Competition models. If they made them and they were readily available, I would certainly be in the market. Thus the need for the the barrel insert, etc. so that I can shoot my match guns. I shoot 38s in competition, but I have .45s which are set up and handle exactly the same as my .38s. The Taylor's kit works with .45s.
  4. Does anyone know if the Taylor's Conversion Kit, consisting of a .22 barrel insert and .22 cylinder works and is it an effective practice tool? If so, I am WTB.
  5. A few month ago I asked if anyone had tried Taylor's .22 conversion cylinder and barrel. It has a barrel that slips into the barrel of your .45 and a .22 cylinder. Sounds like a great idea for practice purposes, but does it work? Anyone?
  6. Has anyone tried the Taylor's and Company .22LR Conversion Kit? The kit has a barrel insert and a cylinder. Designed to work with a .45 Colt clone.... has anyone used one of these?
  7. I am a relatively new member...joined in 2015...and have only been shooting CAS style since 2014. I have also been on the boards of numerous non-profits and have been a small business owner for 35 years. Guys......it costs much more to run a business than the average Joe even remotely understands. Given the expenses involved in the "real world" for any consumer item, the annual dues we pay for our SASS memberships is almost nothing. Due to the huge increase in expenses involved in recent government regulation in my business, we (and all those in my niche) had to dramatically increase our fees effective January 1, 2016...by 35%, and that just about breaks us even after taking into consideration the additional costs to do business. I understand that some folks are economically and financially strapped for many reasons., but given what is provided to us for a minimal fee (almost nothing in the big picture), there is nothing to realistic complain about. My personal experience with SASS has been WONDERFUL. Misty is always watching the WIRE and being helpful. Sure....sometimes things might not happen immediately, but there is always a satisfactory outcome. This is supposed to be FUN, so keep it FUN. If you are not having fun, you are missing the "spirit of the game." I also agree with one of my pards in this thread who did not like the name calling. However, I agree... quit whining. The SASS membership dues are more than reasonable. Posse up and have some FUN. My club in Wartrace, TN has been nothing but fun....could be the most fun hobby I ever had.....terribly frustrating at times....but when all your equipment is running right and you are relaxed, it is great fun. All of the Wartrace Regulators are helpful and friendly and will do anything to make your match fun and rewarding. My profession is in the law (real estate and probate, so I am one of the good guys), so I am by nature very suspicious and guarded, but I have NEVER done business or had any dealings with a single cowboy who was not honest and respectful. Most will even ship things you buy on the WIRE CLASSIFIEDS before every receiving their money. How unworldly is that? Wake up guys!! This organization is the best. Support it. That is all I have to say about that.
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