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  1. I load (and started) with a Hornady LnL AP progressive press. When you first start, treat it like a single stage and just do one process at a time. Once you move to progressive, use a powder checker AND VISUALLY INSPECT INSIDE EACH CASE. Long term, i wish i had gone with a dillon 650 (750 now), the hornady machines are fine and i produce great ammo but seem more finicky than the dillons, and getting setup for automation with a case feeder and such is definitely a bit more of a pain.
  2. https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2019/09/03/mcmillon-to-associates-our-next-steps-in-response-to-the-tragedies-in-el-paso-and-southaven
  3. Its not just 5.56 and 2.23, its ALL handgun ammo
  4. if kidrick wont take the holster, i will
  5. Surprised no one mentioned this, but with the pick-n-pluck foam (or any foam really) a popular durability upgrade is to use plasti-dip on the foam after you pluck it. Its very common in the 3-gun and PRS cases and it really does make it substantially more durable. You dont need to soak the foam, just give it like 2-3 light coats so that it doesnt collapse/seperate. Plus it helps keep the foam from absorbing oil and moisture.
  6. If this is for pistols just make one yourself out of a 357 case, just slightly expand the mouth to match the chamber, notch the back to fit a screw driver and stuff 'er in while turning.
  7. Probably more offers on snipers hide or arf. My 1873 isn't drilled for a scope base =)
  8. Did you try SASS I seem to remember it being all caps but I could be mistaken
  9. Whats wrong with the dark series? Its not intended for CAS but to folks who would rather have a lever gun over an AR or Mini 14 (or perhaps they live somewhere where an AR isnt allowed). Different strokes for different folks is all.
  10. I often do the same thing (also left eye -- rigght handed). Usually its a combination of feeling in the "zone" and shooting as fast as I can cock instead of as fast as I can point/aim, and the fact that as i get going on a string i tend to shoot a little higher each shot after recoving from recoil.
  11. If number 4 is still available after EOT let me know
  12. I'd be fine with that as it's in the right era
  13. By the time it came around the heyday was sunset. I think the current year cut off they have is just about perfect for what I think of as a "classic" cowboy
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