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Passing Of A Special Lady.

Brazos John

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Our Nation experienced a loss today.

Barbara Bush was a very special lady, and TV and internet will tell all about her achievements.

Here's my little story:

Years ago, I was inspecting a roof on Terminal C at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when I saw 2 black Suburbans come up to the jetway, and park at the bottom of the outside stairs. I knew somebody important was arriving. Mrs Bush stepped out of the plane, and started down the stairs. I wasn't 15 feet away, but on the roof. I wanted to say Hi, but I knew if she tripped going down the stairs, I would be in trouble. As soon as she reached the bottom step, I yelled "Mrs Bush". She look around, but not up. I repeated it, and she again looked around. I yelled "Up here", and she looked up, saw me, and gave me the biggest smile and a 2-handed over-the-head wave before entering the Suburban. Returning to the office, I told co-workers, and they asked me if I saw the red dots that were undoubtedly on my chest!

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RIP Mrs. Bush .

God bless the Bushes .

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I don't talk about my job often, but I was one of her Agents for 4 years, a decade ago.  One of the few stories I can share from my time assigned to the 41s is:
One day at Texas A&M, I was walking with her as she walked the dog around their Presidential Library. As we walked outside, I was scanning the crowds of people, looking for anything out of the ordinary. In my peripheral vision, I noticed a man walking straight towards us. Most people, recognizing us, knew to keep their distance. As he approached her, I put my hand up to stop him and immediately recognized him as a Bush family friend and lowered my arm.  It was Chuck Norris and his wife!  Mrs. B immediately tells Chuck Norris "Good thing you stopped or my Agent here would have taken you down." She says that, to Chuck "Texas Walker Ranger" Norris!
As I step back to give them room to visit and continue scanning the crowds, I'm thinking about how close I just came to Death. 
RIP Tranquility.

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She was well liked and respected when she was in the White House.


She would great the staff and often ask about their families - by name.


She would also sometimes quietly stand in the background when tours were given.

One guide mentioned that someone asked a question that he did not know the answer for certain, so he said, "I guess it. . . "

Later, Barbara stopped him and said, "Next time you won't, please don't guess."


She was a classy lady to be sure.

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