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73, 87, Marlin for sale

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Let me start by saying I would prefer a FTF in Texas and would give a discount for same.

I'm not tech enough to post pictures here, but i can email some if you want.


73- Trapper Carbine, 5th gen short stroke, .357........$1000

87- Coyote Cap "drop 2".............................................$900

Marlin- competition, 38 spl, short stroked by someone, not sure who. The rest of the story: Bought this on the wire for $1500. Would not feed ammo reliably. No satisfaction from seller. Sent to Cowboy Carty( he did NOT SS it), said it was unshootable as it was, gave it the business, and now works much better(for another $300). Ran 200 thru it the other day, and had 4 or 5 glitches. Not too bad, but I need 0 glitches. So I'm gonna pass this one on to someone who might be able to make it work better, or doesn't mind a few glitches..................$1200.........



87 SPF

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At this point, I just want to be rid of it, now that it's working better, if not perfect. Too many bad memories associated with it. It was for my wife, and would now run pretty good, but that isn't good enough. I've already got a replacement that has thus far run perfectly. So, adios.....

But thanks for the thought.

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Its not a secret that I have mentioned to numerous Pards that I plan to slow down on my Marlin work for a couple reasons:


1. I want to have more free time during my retirement.


2. Continue my work on the .22 Henry 'Soft Stroke' and give super fast turn around time.



Yes, I plan to slow down on Marlin work but not totally shut it out, especially if someone needs a really fast fixit job.

And right now, I will be training another gunsmith in a couple weeks on the intricate workings of the Marlin. He plans to extend his gunsmith services into some Marlin work during the next couple years. PLUS, I will be showing him the mods for the Henry .22 'Soft Stroke'.


He should have the ability to help out with both types of rifles as time passes by.


But I don't think I have ever conveyed any plans to totally stop work on the Marlins or "...ONLY work on the rimfires...".




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