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January Cowboy Chronicle features top shooters

Kirk James

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Thank you for the recognition of the champions at EOT in the January Chronicle. As a proud father this was nice to see. It also was very informative to learn more about Missouri Lefty. The chronicle also was informative of the other champions at state, regional, divisional and national champions. Thank you for your hard work and recognition. Always enjoy see how other shooters are competing across the world.

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One thing I love about SASS is that we all can play and have a great time. We establish our own competition with those we know or get to know. And all can join the fun with out having to worry about how well we shoot - we are all welcomed!


At the same time, it is great to honor those who have worked hard to achieve such great skills as our top shooters. It is a joy to see them perform - and to get to have them share with us as essentially all of them do so well.


So Thanks!!!

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Great Stories

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Hi Kirk! It is heartwarming to see young people winning the big matches. :) Your daughter and son are truly superstars as is Missouri Left, last year's top man at EOT.


Marauder, that is a good point. I love this sport, despite having to start at the bottom of the list to find my scores :blush: I've met and shot or socialized with some of the super stars. Their kindness and humility is inspiring. I hope someday to shoot with your family, or at least meet you. I think I met your son at a match in Piru.


Bravo to SASS for keeping this sport going and offering a forum where we can come together to discuss things or deliver kudos to our stars!. :wub:





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SASS is an incredible organization. We have been fortunate to have met so many great friends through SASS. Thank you for your responses. Allie Mo, we would enjoy with you some day.

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