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Need help from pards in OH, IN, KY, TN, or ?

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The best Matches in the world are in Florida!!

every weekend there is a great match just around the corner

​not to mention white stuff doesn't fall from the sky


Chicken Scratch

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Hello Mary,


Well, here in East TN (Knoxville) we shoot all year round. I can shoot every weekend with less than a 1.5hr drive. Closest range is Oak Ridge Outlaws only 20min drive. Knoxville has two Jo-Ann's, one northeast & one on the west. You've heard from Tombstone & Widder but don't let that deter you. :D


Hasta Luego, Keystone

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well, why didn't ya buy it fer me Rye?? it wuz in my price range and I cudda paid ya back....

Didn't know you wanted to move here until after it was sold. Heck, I would have bought it for ya!!! Nice of me huh??? :D

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well, keep lookin'....mebbe yu kin find one for $2.00 and we kin split tha cost.... :D


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You might want to check out the Springfield MO area. Has 4 CAS clubs between Spfld and Branson -- all at Walnut Grove, another 30 min. from Spfld at Marshfield.


Milder winter weather than where you are now. and between Spfld and Branson.


Good job prospects including two colleges in Spfld and another in Branson.


Dr O.R.

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Move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 5 Sass clubs . 2 in the Tulsa Area. One in the city limits is Tulsey Town Cattlemens Association, home of the Oklahoma State Black Powder Championships 3 day match. 1 a 1/2 hour West is Indian Territory Single Action Shooting Society, home to Oklahoma State Match 4 day match and Pursuit in the Osage at world famous Woolaroc Museum 2 day match. 1 hour down the Turner Turnpike is Is Oklahoma City Marshals, home to Landrun, 4 day match and also Red Dirt Rampage the SW regionals 4 day match. Lincoln County Cowboys in Cushing Sw of Tulsa. Rattlesnake mountain Rangers South of Tulsa in Checotah. You can shoot any weekend with a short drive anywhere.


Many great towns around the Tulsa Area. Housing is really good, restaurants are abound. Hospitals, doctors and clinics , med centers are on every corner .Data entry positions ,and accounts payable should be plentiful.


Cheaper cost of living and the lowest gas prices in the country. The weather is usually nice most of the year, Winters are short here. The biggest reason to come here is we want you here :wub: . A added plus is this is the Reddest state in the union. The Democrats haven't won a county in the presidential election for ever.



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