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Weird Christmas gifts...

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So tomorrow some ladies in the office are hosting an annual "rummage sale" holiday fundraiser.


Well... I was peeking at some of their "wares," and Lo, there it was ~ the moose in a rocking chair. When you pinch it, the danged thing rocks and sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as it's nostrils light up.


Oh my! :huh:


And of course, this brings to mind some bizarre gifts I've received in the past... like the Billy Bass (former mother-in-law), and the talking duck (NO idea who gave that thing to me), and more...


Anyone care to share tales of odd Holiday gifts of Christmas past...? :)


And O Lordy, I pray I don't get a singing moose! 17.gif







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I got a sleeping Santa in a rocking chair. As he snores, the chair rocks harder until he ALMOST goes over backwards, his breath catches, he snorts, the chair goes forward and he starts the snoring/rocking cycle again.





Got a sleeping Santa in a bed, and as he snored the blanket fluttered from his exhales.





Got one one year and the other the next, and don't recall which was first. I assume it was a case of "GOT TO get him a Christmas present".

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The strangest thing I can think of is the Christmas after Uno and I got married we were given a rather large coconut tiki doll. We were told it had been left as a wedding present but we somehow overlooked it. {It was so big and ugly I don't know how we could have....} When I turned it upside down, I noticed it had a cork in the bottom. When I removed said cork, a sum of cash came out. Someone even threw in their pocket change.


Uno will have to tell you the story behind the Richard Nixon shower head.................

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"Uno will have to tell you the story behind the Richard Nixon shower head....."



Oh no! I can only guess! And, it ain't pretty! :-)


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