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"Slow Moving Landslide."

Subdeacon Joe

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Interesting sidelight, the dome building process at Mt. St. Helens, here in Washington.


As I understand the process has ceased, or at least for the time being. But several years

ago, we took my cousin, Minnesota Rose, to see the elephant. We were told that something

like 23 dump truck loads a minute was the rate that the dome was rebuilding. That is more

dirt than the girls on TV can dish out in an hour.

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Where is that land sliding to?? Nice pictures of the crack but none of what is down hill



Scroll down some, there are a few shots that show it better.


It doesn't take a lot of slope for a slide to happen.



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OMG! Wyoming is falling apart!!

that's actually jus a vicious rumor they's startin' up there ta keep folks from wuntin' ta move there, they dunt wanna git overpopulated like Colorado did.....they taint dumb!!!!! (tha 'wind' wun taint werkin' as well as it used tu.....)

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