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While having breakfast a few weeks ago I saw two elderly couples across the room. I went to the manager and offered to pay for their breakfast. He said "Do you know them?" "No sir I don't." "Why would you do that?" The gentlemen were wearing caps that read 'WWII Veteran'. There are so few of them left I needed to do it.

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Good on ya, Paden!


You gonna be at Ambush? Looking forward to finally meeting you!

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Always be on the lookout for these guys. If you spot one make sure you shake their hand and say thank you at the very least,

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Yes Bama I will be at Ambush. I need 100 more bullets though and I will start the reloading process this week. (310 tool so kinda slow)

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Good job !


I did some thing like it my self ,Not to long ago .


I was at a restaurant having breakfast on mothers day .

I was by my self .

There was a elderly women having breakfast about 75 or 80 years old .


She was setting by her self .

I started thinking about her , Its Mothers day !


Maybe she lost her husband ?


Maybe she lost her only child ?


Maybe she was all alone in life ?


I was done eating and called the waitress over to pay my bill.

I asked her if I could pay the lady's bill too.


I asked the waitress to tell her Happy Mothers day when she was done eating and asked for the bill.


I hope it made her day ?

I know it made mine !

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