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  1. Sawyer, I'll ride right alongside you anytime. Couldn't agree more with what you said or how you said it. See ya Sunday!!
  2. A most cordial and Merry Christmas to all Cowboys and Cowgirls of all faiths, tenets and beliefs (and non-beliefs as well). I hope that your day will be filled with the joy of the season and the company of friends and family. May the bounty of your table overflow, may your team win the game and may Bottles (in an unusual mood of good fellowship and Christmas spirit(s)) nail your tab to the bottom of the pile on the bar in the Saloon (ACS). And most of all, I wish I am able to post this same Christmas message next year. Merry Christmas, Pards!
  3. where do ya shoot down there (location of club if i get a chance to come down that way)

  4. I don't actually live in Alabama. I used to live there, but we now live in Tennessee, about 30 miles due north of Huntsville, Alabama.

  5. where are ya located in N. Alabam, I used to work in Red Bay area a looong time ago.

  6. Welcome aboard, Bill!If you ever get down this way, we shoot the first Sunday of every month at the North Alabama Regulators.

  7. Howdy Bama Red

    Good Shootin', Good Music, Good Whiskey, and Good Friends, it don't get much better than that. Happy Trails Pard

  8. Bama, you have a PM or email from me as well about trains....

  9. The brisket is in work. The calf is in the pasture in front of our house right now. It will go to the corral in mid July for a daily diet of sweet feed, protein cubes, hay, and water for a month and then will become meat on the table for our kids. Except for the brisket which ya'll will eat.

  10. Howdy, OKB! Ya gettin that brisket ready fer Ambush?

  11. Hey Bama Red!!!!

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