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New Christmas Rig in the works.

Ketchum Quick, SASS #72923

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Santa along with the help of my lovely wife, Tessa Two Gunner, oh and Deuce Stevens helped too, put this set of Doc Noper holsters under my Christmas tree. The holsters are perfectly set up for my shooting preferences.




I didn't get a belt with them yet but I have been working on that. I picked up some leather, conchos and a buckle yesterday. I want to make a Ranger or Money type belt as that is what I shoot now and I really like that style. Anyway, I put the little section that you see in the photo together to see how it would look. I need to get the rest of the belt to sew this onto but I think it will look pretty good with the concho and spots on the holsters. The main part of the belt will most likely be died brown to match the straps on the holsters.


What do you guys think?


Ketchum Quick

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They look real nice I hope you get to enjoy them for a long time to come.


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I REALLY like em.


I been lookin at something similar from Johnny Morris down Texas way.


I just ain't decided if I want multiple silver ornaments for the border or maybe just a few pieces of turquiose (sp).


I must say, I love that style, design and set up.


Congrats on a good lookin rig.




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