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T.A. and I are so very sorry for your loss. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. It's OK to be pissed but please don't turn your back on the Lord and continue to believe in His ultimate plan for all of us. He loves you and will always be there for you when you finally feel the need to reach out to Him.

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Thought about puttin' this on earlier for prayer request for my brother Bill Hopper..

But I didn't.. should have.. hindsight wasn't too good..


Bill was diagnosed with a damn cancer last month.. they gave him 6 months without treatment

and maybe 9 months with.. Was tryin' to get him into MD Anderson.. but they couldn't get him in til middle of Sept.


Just received the phone call.. he passed away last night..

Didn't get a chance to go down and see him.. Damn..

He lived down in League City Texas.. was a avid trap shooter with his wife Sue..


We (my family & I) are all pretty pissed with the Lord right now.. so please pray for us all..




Sorry for the loss of your brother Cowboy Rance ~ praying that you and the family can come to some understanding, that comfort can come over you, and that FAITH rises up in your hearts....


From a poem from a funeral I attended last night of a young (38 year old) mother of 5 girls:


I'm Free


Dont grieve of me for now I'm free.


I followed the path God laid for me.


I took his hand when I heard Him call.


I turned my back and left it all.


I could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work, or play.


Tasks left undone must stay that way.


I found peace at the close of day.


If my part has left a void.


Then fill it with a remembered joy.


A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,


Ah yes, these things I too will miss.


Be not burdened with times of sorrow.


I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.


My lifes been full, I've savored much.


Good friends, good times, a loved ones touch.


Perhaps my time seemed all too brief.


Don't lengthen it now with undo grief.


Lift up your heart and share with me.


God wanted me now....


HE set me free.




Author unkown






GG ~ :FlagAm:

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Howdy Rance, I'm very sorry your loss, a brother is always a special friend. My step dad and his brother hadn't talked in years well at my stepdad's funeral his brother cried like a baby. I don't know what I would do if something happened to my brother. Prayers up for you and your family and his family to

Regards ENG :FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm:

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Rance, I lost my younger brother three years ago and still miss him terribly. I understand your anger, but know that it was your brother's time. I too, just wanted one more day, an hour, even a minute more with my brother and feel cheated that I didn't get it. But he knew I loved him and that knowledge will have to last me until we are together again.


My deepest sympathies to you and prayers up for you and yours, Pard.

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Rance, so sorry to hear of your loss; just got in from a road trip and saw this posting.

Again, shocked and sorry; be a little angry, vent, let loose with the frustrations but, don't let it ruin everything, you will survive and get over the grief or, at least it will lessen.

Prayers offered up for you and your family.

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Rance I know your pain and loss. My younger brother passed a couple of years ago and still miss him terribly. Its not easy. I've read the other sentiments shared here and would like you to know mine are added with those who pray for you and your family and for the feelings you shared.


Your pard,



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Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all...


Allie Mo kinda hit the nail on the head..

I didn't get down to see him.. his death came too quick...


I was pissed at the Lord but I would never think about turnin' my back on him.. He's my Lord and Saviour..

Heck.. I know he has plans that I'm not enlightened on..


Some curious (wierd) happenings occured upon my brothers time of death..

and only the Lord could be in charge of what happened..


My brother Bill was a Vietnam Vet.. in the "Big Red 1" :FlagAm:

received the purple heart, 2 bronze stars, and the silver star.. :FlagAm:

Was I proud of him?? Ya darn tootin' I was.. he was my big brother..


Better quit ramblin'..


Thanks to you all..

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