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1851 Navy gun kit

Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

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Okay, so what do I look out for when "building" and finishing this kit. I got it for my son and I to do some bonding. It is an old Euroarms kit, loats of casting "lips" to cut and surfaces to polish. Looking at using a dremel for a lot of it. Any suggestions, hints, or tricks you all have used in building them? Thanks in advance.


Nimble Fingers

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Use Files they are the Craftsmen's tool !!!! And a Smith's mainline tool along with proper Screwdrivers ....


When I started we used only hand tools in training ...


Learn to use files ,papers, how to polish ,,,,, Then and only then resort to the dremel ...



Jabez Cowboy

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Depending on you skill level, I would consider throwing it out and buying a completed gun and some caps and balls and going to the range to bond with your son.:lol:

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Howdy Nimble.

I think that is a great idea! But then again I'm a card carring tinkerer. Just read a little, naw, read alot, either put you dremmel tool under lock and key or just throw it away. :rolleyes:

Find a source where you can get extra parts, get a good set of files, punches and did I say read alot and ask questions, alot of questions? Don't get ahead of yourself. Your project should have a definate order/procedure to it. Don't jump around. Do one thing at a time, go slow, real slow cause if ya ain't got time to do it right ya won't have time to do it over. That's why most of us have a big a&* box of used everthing laying around. Plan the work space, see the ruger video on Vaquero dissasenbly for tips. Larson P has gave me some great help/info in the past and I think most all info you might need is right here on the web.

I ain't no expert but I must say doing these sort of projects helps one truly know/understand their stuff.



Good luck to you and your son...


HH :FlagAm:

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