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Homemade Shot Gun Ammo Belt

Rancho Roy

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I'm going to my first meet this Saturday. I've attended a couple of meets while I was waiting for holsters and getting my Winchester 97 to cooperate. But I still hadn't decided on a shotgun ammo system.........slides or belts, can't decide......


So I needed something for this Saturday.


I went to Salvation Army and bought two leather belts. A wide one and a narrow one. Then I went to the local craft supply store and bought some rawhide lacing. And finally to "Horrible Freight" for a leather punch tool.




I soaked the rawhide in a bowl of very hot water with a drop of dish detergent to soften it up and allow it to stretch a bit.


I laid out my shotgun shells on the wide belt and punched holes for the rawhide.




Next I tied off each loop with a simple overhand knot on the back and after the rawhide dried I added a dab of superglue to keep things in place.




It ain't pretty, but it will serve for a shoot or two until I decide what I want






Total cost with the punch tool was $18.00............

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Guest diablo slim shootist

Nice job-I'll bet other Greenhorn's can benefit from this idea ;)


When you save up enough $$$ The Quick Cal cowboy action shot shell belt is

the best I have owned :www.mernickleholsters.com :wub:

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I think it looks purty, in the photos, and very unique, never seen one made exactly like it. The closest technique normally used would substitute rivets for the rawhide ties but if the glue holds and the rawhide does not stretch, then I would actually hang on to it. Some of us get off on coming up with something creative on our own and give it mucho many points over the common store bought stamp and mold leather products!

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Good job. If the shotgun shells start to slide down a little to much for you just add a small strip of leather below the loops for the shells to rest on and stay in one position. Have fun, shoot straight and smile a whole bunch.

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Looks great to me. Makes me wanna make one for me after I finish some other projects I have going.


Good way to have fun at home when you can't be at the range shootin.

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