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  1. I will take them . Will send PM Thanks CS
  2. It's been well established and widely accepted by the authorities that it's all in how you raise them .
  3. Every year . Black Eyed Peas for good luck . Cabbage for money . We'll have cabbage 3 different ways tomorrow . Slaw, boiled and fried with bacon . CS
  4. The good thing is that it won't take long to discover that it won't work and he won't be far from home .
  5. Hello Joe, Come on out whenever and wherever you get a chance . Seasons change , not better or worse , just different CS
  6. I guess you mean "An extra hole" It does need 2 to operate properly
  7. Yeah, Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet, so it cain't be that old . CS
  8. I knew a retired Texas Ranger that kept his .45 in his lap under a lap blanket . ....always . He said that he sent a lot of bad guys to jail and never knew who got paroled nor when . They all had bad friends too. Said he carried a .45 because they didn't make a .46. CS
  9. I have 2 turkeys on the pellet smoker right now . One for lunch to share with the family . One for me as leftovers. I love turkey sammiches with miracle whip. I will share with the wife unit. Happy thanksgiving ya'll CS
  10. If you think you can do it safely and have fun, then come on.
  11. Try "Okey dokey pookie dookie " They will ask you to use OK
  12. Around here the term is "a person experiencing homelessness " Whatever
  13. Hello there , Fredericksburg is an hour west of Austin . Go there and Texas Jacks . TejasCaballeros shoot this Saturday . Come join us . CS
  14. Hey there , Glad you had a great time. Keep trying, that clean match is out there and every match you do gets you one closer. Good picture. CS
  15. Growing up around here . .... Waitress: Honey, Whatcha wanna drink ? Me: A coke Waitress : Ok, what kind? Me: A sprite , thank you . Waitress : Be right back with your sody.
  16. Just about all those mentioned by ya'll, but I gotta add Who Framed Roger Rabbit Raising Arizona The Nutty Professor CS
  17. Hello JS, I'll take them both . Sending PM Thanks Cowboy Small
  18. If'n you shoot a hole in a horse, the radiator or just about any other part, will render it useless too.
  19. Called them a velocopede in Big Jake . Didn't get very far in that movie .
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