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  1. Lots of good advice but I will add a little. If I totally understand and am comfortable with a stage I go early. If not I go over and over it in my mind and then when ready go to the load table. At the point I feel comfortable with the stage I do not listen to others because I want to feel comfortable with my approach. I do not watch the shooter before me because if they mess up I will start thinking negatively. Think positively, even when done with the stage think about what went right with it. Also, if you do mess up, laugh at it and enjoy the game.
  2. Most of what is written above plus eye glass wipes and fit over glasses sunglasses
  3. I love the wooden/leather loading blocks Missouri Marshall makes. His are more rectangular in shape with rounded ends. Fit well in a back pocket or slip between the belt and you. I prefer them over the square ones or the total leather ones. Try to borrow a couple of different styles and see what you like. Quite awhile back Colt Faro had a video on making inexpensive leather ones.

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