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  1. Looks great. Congrats on a receiving a nice buckle to spotlight your earlier win.
  2. I have two of Long Hunters CZ Sharptails and love them.
  3. Indian Jack, I found after about a thousand rounds my hammerless was much better. My first and third one came from Long Hunter and he does do a great job but he does not take it to “the edge” cause he knows overtime they will break n nicely.
  4. They are horrible off the shelf but once worked on, great. You may not want a full job done but can get some good springs from Shotgun Boogie. Oh yeah, mine are not the hammered ones. Once you get it how you like it you will likely love it.
  5. Huge thanks to those involved in putting on this match in the Texas Hill Country. Texican Ranger President Alamo Andy as well as Shooting Iron Miller, Sheriff Robert Love, Tombstone Mary and A.D. and many others are to be commended for putting on a fine match. Congrats to Men’s Overall Champ, Oklahoma Dee. Hat’s off as well to Men’s runner up, junior boy, Coyote Catcher, with whom I had the pleasure of shooting. Congrats to Women’s Overall Champ, Missouri Mae and to the runner up, Wynonna Earp. We were blessed with good weather, good stages, and great people. Definitely plan to return next year.
  6. Looks like the Brownells primers did not last long.
  7. Saw today Target Sports USA has a variety of primers available, including Federal. Not cheap by any means but available. Allowing up to 50,000 to be bought.
  8. Texas ShaDi, Yes, I have bought from target sports with no problem. I called and spoke to a lady and I believe she said they had been in business 12 years. So I ordered and received my purchase of primers. My buy was about six weeks ago.
  9. Have no dea about new leather. Hope to see it soon.
  10. Tell, from what I have seen you are very good to your wife and she to you but thought I would remind you she should always get the best. See you and Angels in a few days.
  11. Tell, I am only seeing the gold match available at this time. I wish we knew the future because the frugal side of me says buy wait for cheaper and the hoarder side says buy while you know you can,
  12. No difference in my book. Supposedly more quality control but I can not tell.
  13. I am sad that recently they jumped the price on these. That being said they are my favorite shotgun primers and I have ordered from them before and will again.
  14. Thank you to all who responded. I will check out the ideas. Kulshan, do you have any idea what the recovery time is and if both feet can be done at same time?
  15. Sorry I double posted this topic and have not figured how to delete one,
  16. I wear men’s boots due to my size and am needing some boots with soft leather over the toes and a deep as well as wide toe box. I do not care what they look like as long as they are sass legal. Earthwalkers once made me a pair but unfortunately they are no longer in business and foot changes make those boots obsolete for me. In searching for custom made boots they do not seem to address the need for more depth/ height in the toe box. If you have a hammertoe issue I would be interested in what boots you have found that work for you. Hoping to find some off the shelf somewhere but so far no luck. I have other issues such as heel spurs but I can work with that, it is the hammertoes that cause rawness in the toe knuckles to the point it hurts to walk.
  17. Geez, I would have no idea and I would not mind it moving around but also think a club should get to have it at least two years in a row, if not three. I am thinking starting next year World will be at one sort of end of the country and nationals set of at the other end and that seems pretty good to me. My hat is off to any club that can pull it off.
  18. Yup Lose, not from your saddle but from your gun cart .
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