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Need Some Prayers, Please. LAST UPDATE!

Subdeacon Joe

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Hey Joe what Hospital is your Mrs at ??



St. Helena in Clearlake, Shoer.


Might as well put the update here:


Something is working. Her sugars are down - without insulin or glucophage or anything (stopped the glucophagelast night to ease the load on her kidneys). Her BP is coming down (we were puzzled by the spike in it when she moved from ICU back to med/surg - last night the CNA said "That cuff is kind of small, let me get a different one." And that put her BP back to what it was in ICU.


The whole idea of keeping her in hospital was so that they could closely monitor her and give supporting care.


Well, they did one (1) blood draw after 3:00 p.m. The slow IV saline (50 ml/hr) that she was supposed to be on during the day never got hooked up, even after the doctor asked about it at noon today. When I got there this morning (ca. 8:30) a piece of the dressing over the incision had fallen off and was on the floor, we pointed that out to the nursing assistant. The nurse finally got around to changing out the dressing about 2:30 p.m. The wound care nurse who should have checked it yesterday finally got around to checking it maybe about 4:00 p.m. Oh, and three times they did finger sticks to check her sugars and at the same time check temp and BP.


Yeah...closely monitor and give support.


And the kitchen STILL has trouble figuring out that "1/4 cup diced pear" means that they should put the little container of pear on her meal tray. And that "hot tea" doesn't mean some decaf cranberry chutney tea. We did walk down to the dining room across from the cafeteria this afternoon (a drop dead gorgeous view from there) and heard the manager or director of the kitchen talking with a supplier and putting together an order (or maybe a quote to get the numbers so they can cook there again). I told him that I have had commercial beef jerky that with less salt than the turkey ham they serve there. Seriously. Think about taking jerky and then soaking it in really salty soy sauce and you will get close.


Can you tell we are kind of frustrated?


Anyway, thanks again for all the love and support you all have provided.


I was thinking about where all I have posted about her and asked for prayers. Here of course, and getting a bunch of gun-nut cow-folks (isn't that nice and inclusive?) hitting their knees for us. A blog run by a retired USN fighter jock that is inhabited by mostly current and ex-military, mostly fast mover types. Another forum with a bunch of black powder cannon cockers and gun bunnies. All of whom have responded have expressed heartfelt concern and offered prayers.


One forum that I posted on that isn't somehow connected to guns of some sort got a kind of ho-hum, that sucks, reaction.


Gun nuts is good people.

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Prayers still up from Texas.

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Looks like things are improving. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

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Hi Joe,


That's great news!


Happy dancing here.




Allie Mo


AH! YOU are the one who has been leaving the footprints on the tables! :lol:


I had to wake Lisa last night about 8:30 so she could do her blood sugars and take her meds. Gawd, that was so hard to do when that was the first decent sleep she was having in almost three weeks. Had to be done, but damn! it was hard to do. She did get back to sleep easily though - and other than getting up a few times because of the diuretic she is on, slept very well. And is still at almost 8 a.m. sleeping soundly. She gets to do all of that she wants today.

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