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jogging gun carts


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It won't.


I have one single baby jogger that I made into a gun cart. It works pretty darn well.

Made a light wood box for it.

Then the wife started going. Needed something bigger.

Found a double baby jogger. Again made a nice box for it. It works pretty good.


But then we went ahead and got a 4 gun RG cart. It is way better than the regular baby joggers

turned into carts.


But the baby joggers are a good choice if you can not go with the RG cart itself.


I just cut everything away. Then made a nice box to fit. Then made a place for the guns to rest

and hold the guns at the top.


Will try and post pics later.

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My son made and uses this gun cart made from a baby stroller (there are several photos-one go left and several go right):




He based his cart design on one I had made earlier (click on each image to make larger):




In both of these the smaller box ahead of the long guns is sized to hold several boxes of shotgun shells. The lower box holds ammo, parts, etc. The design was an attempt to make the cart as light as possible making all parts from 1/4 inch plywood. The jogging stroller has tires with tubes and the tubes are heavy duty, with tube protectors between tire/tube and green goop in tubes to prevent flats.


Hope these links work


I used mine for about 3 years and when I saw the 4 gun Rugged Gear deluxe cart I purchased it because it is even lighter.

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All I did was screw on a pair of ATV rubber gun holders to the cup-holder piece near the push handle. Now I can place my long guns muzzle up. I use a medium size nylon cooler for ammo/equipment bag. The best part is that the cart still folds up and it doesn't look like a gun cart if it's sitting in the back of my SUV over night.

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Cut off all the material stuff unless you see it working into the design. The plan out a gun rack for the long guns. Figure how to put a box on it for ammo. Then off to the races. A little oversimplified but that is the basics.

My Cart


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Bungy cord a plastic milk crate where the babyshould sit.


Stick 2 uprights in the corners, add a padded cross-bar, and bungy your barrels to it for stability when rolling.


That's all. Just a plastic crate and something to lean the barrels against. :)

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I just checked craigs list in my area and several listed for around 50.00

gonna get one myself....

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I can't find one of those with the Big Wheels anywhere that they don't want $150+ for!! :angry:



I have a double baby 4 gun jogger that I would swap some leather work for. <_<


I need a new belt in a bad way. And also need a new SG belt.



If ya ever get out from the A/C and get to a match. We can work something out. :oB)

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Hey Pat, Spend some of that bank money that you are sitting on. Tell William to float you a loan. Ha!! Ha!!

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what do I need to do to a used baby jogging cart to make it work like a ruggrd gear gu cart? Irish Pat , sas 19486


If you are going to use one...The first thing to remember is leave the baby at home you will have more room...Diapers and bottles take up space...


Texas Lizard

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This was the first jogging cart I built. Bought it at a Thrift Store for $20.00. It has a fixed front wheel. They push better than the swivel front wheel. Turning them is a little harder than than the swivel type.

I built another one using the swivel type front wheel. Paid $24.00 for it at Goodwill

First Cart



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I've attached two photos of my "jogging stroller" guncart. The frame uses precision bearings and is very lightweight so it rolls great. You also don't have to tilt it backwards so you're not looking down the barrel of the long guns (that always bothered me).


Anyway not really an easy task. Really a labor of love for me. I started off with a double stroller for $30 from the Salvation Army. I used a reproduction Remington box that I had purchased several years ago. So, other than the actual cost of the Remington box (which was about $60) I had about 60$ in the cart in wood and hardware. It also took me about 6 months of on and off design building to get it right.


A couple of thing to note:


1. Watch the balance point, I thought mine was far enough forward with the wheel out front but the guns, cooler and part box add weight and change the balance point. It all worked out OK but required a little rework.


2. I was able to cut the tubing and reattach by using a little trick. It turns out that a 3/4 inch copper tubing coupling is nearly the exact ID as my aluminum tubing OD. The end result was a strong splice using 3/4 inch copper couplings and epoxy or JB weld.


Anyway good luck with your project.



I wouldn't go to all the effort for a single stoller.







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