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  1. 4 boxes of 100 1 box of 50 30 cal 180 gr .308 Spire point $45.00 plus shipping 2 boxes of 100 30 cal 150gr. .308 flat nose $20.00 plus shipping 1 box of 100 30 cal 130 gr. .308 flat nose $10.00 plus shipping 1 308 Win Neck Die Tools Wilson Gage $20.00 plus shipping 1 308 Win Bullet Seater Tools Wilson Gage $20.00 plus shipping Shell Holder Sizes # #,4,6,16,20,20,14,14 $15.00 for all plus shipping Bullet Puller Collet # 3 ( free with any purchase of 1 or more items)
  2. I'm looking for Smitty of Colorado Mountain Hat Company but I cannot find their website. Does anyone have currently info on this company?? Thanks, Conejo
  3. Pat Riot is right. I started with 38-55 and finally wound up with the 45-70. The story is too long to tell but suffice it to say the 38-55 is a fun round and won't beat you up but has accuracy problems and will not shoot to 500 yards consistently. Go with the 45-70 and save the grief. THERE IS A REASON THAT THE 45-70 IS THE MOST POPULAR ROUND. Good luck, Conejo
  4. Tough news for Darlin' Dakota Jo and me. We started with the Cajon Cowboys in 2004. JJ and Candy were some of the first friends that we made. Always a smile and friendly word with a hug hello. There is a big hole in the world today as we lose Candy. Prayers out to JJ and their family. Conejo Kid & Darlin' Dakota Jo
  5. does the 80 or so rds you fired consist of handloads or factory loads and was any of it black powder?? Whats your best price shiiped to Dallas TX? My thanks in advance.

  6. Wolf,

    Suggest you put a post on the SASS EVENT WIRE (just below the Wire Forum). Most all popular events are listed there.


    We're signed up and ready to go. Yee Hawww

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