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  1. How much are you looking for? I have several hundred once fired Starline with a few Win and R-P mixed in?


    Fairshake, If I can figure out how to get the cart, I'll take it. I'll do some thinking, but you are quite a ways away. My brother lives in Galveston, maybe we can make that work out, if you go to Baytown. My condolences on not being able to cowboy shoot anymore. I am helping a fellow shooter sell his guns and ammo, lifetime collection now, for the same reason. wishing you and yours the best. . My phone number is 903-316-2961. Busted Flush


    1. Fairshake


      I didn't know where you lived in East Texas as you had posted, you could live in Orange as that is East Texas. I realize that Texas is a "BIG" state but you did not say exactly where you are at.

      Maybe you can post something in the area where you are at and ask if anyone  is coming to  anywhere in the South part of Louisiana.  I would be happy to meet with them to help you out. Later David 225-281-4665

    2. Busted Flush, SASS #46687

      Busted Flush, SASS #46687

      I live in Tyler. My stepson works offshore and goes through lafayette going and coming. He might be able to meet you. 

  3. Howdy,


    I just wanted to see if you did get those 44 wcf pistols sold?

  4. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  5. I have used my cast bullet for the 44WCF for quite a while now and I keep them at 9-10 . You have shooters giving you the different numbers but it's important to know how they load and what they shoot. I shoot full case loads of 2F and my bullets give a perfect seal. If someone shoots 38 spl with a mouse fart load, they will not have much blow by. A person who shoots 45 Colt with full loads of real BP not only needs a soft bullet but you should anneal your case necks to soften the brass and stop most of the blow by. You can't compare the play like powders with shooting the real thing as the t
  6. call me on my cell 601-431-1603 i want it, Pat

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