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  1. You would rather have .45 than .38, that's a subjective choice. Trying to justify it by crunching numbers is an objective choice. Visit some matches, and you'll probably find mostly .38 shooters for less recoil and lower cost. But those aren't the only factors. If you like your .45's you can enjoy your .45's.
  2. The 5.5" can get your muzzle nearly an inch closer to the targets, and whenever I miss, it's usually within an inch, so that's the right length!
  3. Hammer time! If you also use your SxS for home defense, the Hammered double can be left loaded, with no stress on any springs, and just as safe as a single action revolver because it can't be fired without being cocked. That's pretty safe. Any other loaded SxS can be fired just by pulling a trigger, maybe dealing with a safety. Maybe.
  4. Find a competent gunsmith within driving distance.
  5. They ain't authentic cowboy (but neither are electronic timers). It's hard to get the Mexicans to pay for walls.
  6. Ditto! Tell them the hammers are a safety feature for home defense. And a non-SASS 14" barrel with a wood club foot stock like a Mossberg Shockwave would also sell. Give it a tactical name if that helps.
  7. Joe Biden said just shoot it out the window.
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