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Smoke in the Woods

Samuel "Doc" Eells

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What a time we all had! Mingo, thanks for being our alarm clock! DJ, Thanks for letting your wife sleep in my bed again! Lassiter, Stan, JD, Wilbur, Jack, Bonnie and the rest of you workers for the Big Irons, Thank you guys for putting on another great match! Great fun on the posse, great fun in the campground. No regrets! Congrats to all the winners! Lassiter and Clementine Valentine were top shooters overall!

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I had a real good time, finally getting feeling back in my face from grinnin' so much.


I tried the video feature on my iPhone, and managed to upload a few videos to YouTube here > http://www.youtube.com/user/CemeterysGunBlob?feature=mhum


I forgot the names of two fellow posse member's, if you know who they are, drop me a line.


Had, and *had* is the key word here, a good video of Mingo. But using the edit feature on my phone caused me to delete it. :angry:


Till next year,


Enjoy the Smoke!!

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Heee Haaa + 1 what Doc said.. Stan ,Lassiter,Wilbert,Rose ,Barny.. You fokes put on ahellofa Shoot..Stan please try and get some of the same weather for GOA.. :)


Heee Haaa Wilbert.. You were right.. We did have the fun Possee.. :D


Heee Haaa Barny Ace.. Next time I'm in Ohio your buying Dinner.. I had alot of fun shootin with ya even if you shoot "Poof-Tinkers" pard.. ;) I left the campground at 2:15 got home at 10pm .. Gas is 389.9 a gal Cost me another 140.00 to get back..


Heee Haaa Ruger Ray .. Your a Awsome Pard,great cowboy ta shoot with.. ^_^ Tell John Henery I said HAY..


Heee Haaa Rye .. Ifin your readin this..you would have got your A$$ whoop big time.. Ya best stay in hidein for awhile.. :blush: Ya really miss a Great Shoot..


Heee Haaa Cemetery..Had a good time shootin with ya..Will meet again on the Trail.. :P


Heee Haaa Ohio Cheatin C Bring those Poof Tinkers ta Michigan I'll be waiting.. ^_^


Heeee Haaa Crazy Mingo :wacko::FlagAm:

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Looks like you fellers had a really good time.

Too bad I couldn't come.

Congrats Mingo--looks like you smoked 'em good


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Once again, the Big Irons put on another fantastic match! Stages were well written and fun to shoot. And no rain! We had fun in the campground with the usual suspects. Doc, thanks again for sharing your bunkhouse with Ruthless and I. It was so great to finally be around all our cowboy friends after a long winter! If you missed this annual black powder match, well, you just plain missed out on a great weekend. Sign up next year.....you won't regret it! I'd like to give a special thank you to Buffy for bringing his A game and keeping me on my toes. As always, it's great fun shooting with you! And to everyone on my possee......thanks for keeping my blood pressure under control! :rolleyes:




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There is something special about an all black powder match. What is really neat about this one is that there are no smokeless shooters allowed, unlike many matches that let smokeless shooters shoot but score them separately.


Everyone had a great time, including me, despite the fact that DJ McDraw put a whuppin' on me of monumental proportion. By about the third stage most of us were questioning who the smooth, focused, FAST shooter was, entered under DJ's alias. After the dust settled I realized I hadn't shot that poorly, DJ has just stepped it up a notch. Classic Cowboy is going to be tough this year. I hate to lose, but when you get beaten by a good friend, it's not so bad.


Congratulations DJ!

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Heee Haaa P Dawg.. Yes you did miss a good Shoot. :mellow: I shot with some old Friends and made lots of new ones.. :D




Heee Haaa Crazy (still grinin) Mingo :wacko::wacko::FlagAm:

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WOW, that was me in the 43 second video clip with the 87 lever shotgun(i will figure out that thing yet)..thanks for the cool clip, never seen meself shoot....and man am i slow,LOL;), great shooting with ya pard and proud to shoot with ya as you sure can bang some hot loads outta those rugers ya got, had a blast as this is one of my favorite matches, GREAT possee we had and congrats to all the winners. as much fun as we all had, we all kinda won. Hope to see everyone in Kentucky at Hooten and back home for Guns of August. Great shoot....and of course we did miss our good buddys Moonwaltz, Possum and Prairie Dawg.


Load em hot and heavy,

The Ornery One

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First trip to Smoke in the Woods and I am still grinning ear to ear! Thanks to all my

posse members who made me feel welcome and made the shoot a great experience. And to

clear up one ugly rumor, just because Mingo said he got hungry everytime I shot because

it smelled like I was cooking Creme O Wheat is a complete false hood! It was him who

tried to put the Michigan Hex on me by getting me shot in the nose. But I didn't falter

this Buckeye is a tough nut to crack! Thanks everybody for a good time!!!!!!!!


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WILBUR you ran a good posse, I had good time shooting with everone on posse #1.

CRAZY MINGO, really good seeing and shooting with once again.

CEMETARY, than for putting a video of me on U-TUBE

ye all have fun and safe 2011 shooting season.

Ruger Ray

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