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What to use for stuck bp nipples

F. Greysmoke ,#12093

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Soak them in Kroil for a week & try them with a GOOD nipple wrench, like a Ted Cash rachet or a homemade one from a socket.

Some folks use a mix of automatic transmission fluid & kerosene.

Some folks just boil them for a day.


Ted Cash Wrench #18-1124 from the possible shop



Homemade nipple wrench.

Get yourself a 1/4x7/32 socket preferably deep ...take a dremel and cut a slot in the socket to match the cone or nipple you are trying to remove.


One pard posted: There is a product called "Eel Skid" that will loosen up any stuck thread. It is very expensive but a small drop on any stuck part and in 15 minutes that part will back out without effort. We used it in the Rocket industry at Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company. It is hard to find, and very expensive but it WILL work.


An idea from another pard: Freeze it. put the cylinder in the freezer for a couple of hours. it will shrink up the metal. then take it out and let it warm up naturally. any rust or anything will break loose. But do not try to loosen it yet. you just want to do that to start it off. After that go back to putting it in a jar of penetrating oil. for a few days then use a very good nipple wrench it should come off easy by then.


Another pard says:

put a small pot of water on the stove, bring it to a boil- drop the cylinder in- let it in there for about 2 minutes. Put a glove on to protect your hand, take the cylinder out, then quickly while it's still hot, try to turn the nipple out.


basically do what the common mechanic procedure of heating it, which will break the rust/corrosion bond by expansion, then turn it out while it's still hot


as a mechanic we typically would heat all stuck fasteners cherry red with an oxy-acetylene torch, then they just spin off- but it you heat that cylinder with a torch, you'll ruin the bluing, and have to reblue it


if you don't mind rebluing the cylinder, just heat the area around the nipple with a plumbers torch, and that nipple should turn out



When you get it out, put some antiseize on it before you put in a new one & you'll never have trouble again.



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KROIL helps.

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Use a pencil flame micro torch to apply direct heat to just the nipples - the metal has to expand somewhere, so it expands the nipple lengthwise because the cylinder keeps it from expanding circumferentially (My computer says that's not even a word). When it cools, put a drop of Kroil on each side, let it sit for a few days, and turn it out.

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As was posted by Prairie Dawg; after you remove them I would do two things. Replace them with Treso nipples and always install your nipples using a anti-seize product. The one by Permatex has proven to be one of the best.

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