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  1. Looking to trade 45 cowboy bullits for 50 cal muzzleloader balls. I have 250g and some 200g. Also, 250g SWC and a few 44mag 235g?SWC I'm slowing down and have extra of the 45 cowboy bullits, I just go slow now and shoot smokepoles. PM me with what you got. Thanks
  2. Yes Lumpy, I forgot to put that in my post but knew it. Thanks Pard
  3. Thanks pard but I got too many bullets and not enough powder
  4. Howdy Pards, I've got 200g and 250g cowboy bullets I would like to trade for real blackpowder. PM me with what you got. Thanks.
  5. oh pard, you don't want to get into them 36s because you'll buy so many you will not have enough time to shoot all of them. they are that much fun. Congrats, you sir have found a way to have fun the rest of your life!!
  6. Howdy pards, I have extra 45 cal cowboy bullets, hard cast in 200g and 250g. I'm looking for 45 cal muzzleloader balls size .440-.445 The only thing is they have to be swaged (factory) because I can't turn a small ball with my arthiritic hands to get the flat spot (spruce) on top with cast bullets. PM me what you got . Thanks, and don't never get old! Greysmoke
  7. Hey pard, if you have a 24" rossi already you can shoot heavy bullets, 350+ with special powders and get really close to 454 casull.
  8. Ringo, hang in there my friend, I'll have to wait another 10 years till grand kids and by then I'll probably be pushin' up daises. Howdy Blackfoot (driffter), I just don't have as much steam as I use to, but I'm still full of B.S. and love to shoot just for the fun of it while being a clown at the same time, blackpowder can do that to you.
  9. Ringo, my friend, so good to hear from you. I've got a limp now but am doing fine. You were always one of the pards that I liked to shoot with and more importantly to hang with. You gone blackpowder yet? LOL
  10. Thanks Dave that's a nice club and have shot there many times and the Mrs is a fantastic cook. I just need something closer to me.
  11. Howdy Pards, Looking for cowboy shoots, formal or informal around Nacogdoches, Texas. I'm older and can't make a shoot a hour from my home. Thanks
  12. Heck Man why don't you buy Dusty Morningwood,s Husqvarna Model 20B SXS 12 Gauge listed above. I've got and shot one in many matches and its almost as fast as I can do with my TNN. Besides, you get style points and with blackpowder loads EVERYONE will watch you when you shoot!!
  13. Thanks for remmembering my faulty memory! I thought I shot your break open 50 cal that had the rubber tubes that contained the powder. Anyway, Merry Christmas pard and thanks for being such a great friend all of these years?
  14. Thanks to all for the info. If anyone knows of problems with these rifles please explain, this will help me to NOT want one of these! Thanks Pards! Greysmoke
  15. The kind that only shoots blackpowder, you know, percussion
  16. Houdy Pards, Lookin for a 45 blackpowder sharpes rifle in any condition. I only want to shoot it some and add it to my collection.
  17. Good, someone moved this thread to the right forum. Thank you for your help.
  18. What is the heaviest 50 cal maxie-minie that 1 n 48" twist in the T/C will stabilize?
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