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Shooting at a new club

Carolina Cowboy

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Please send me the link to check it out Marshal, sounds like fun



Here you go. There will be twice as many goodies by the time the shoot rolls around.

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Hey Y'all!


How about making the CA State Wild Bunch Championship and Dry Gulch at Arroyo Cantua, near Sacramento on April 20-24, your new matches this year?


More details can be foundhere.




Allie Mo


we looked at it Allie (not for wild bunch)but its just a week after ruckus and a week before dam site. momma said i have to do chores in between.

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I once got to attend two (far away for me) matches that were less than 45 minutes apart. I was amazed to find that the two matches didn't have a single shooter in common...besides me. Being the bashful, quiet, un-opinionated, stand by and let the house burn down type, I suggested to the "management" of both clubs that if they were interested in growing a bit, the first thing they should do is start supporting each others match.


One of those clubs has ceased to exist. The other club has new "management" and I have frequently seen shooters (including the management) at other matches. Guess what? They're growing.


For a long time I have felt strongly about the importance of visiting other clubs, especially if a shooter is in "management." Not only is it an opportunity to learn what is being done elsewhere that is successfully attracting shooters, it's an opportunity to meet new friends and have a good time with them.


I've shot at a lot of different matches, big and small. Due to the economy, my traveling has been limited in recent times. With that in mind, if I'm going to travel to a big match, I'm going to a match where I've been and had a good time or to one that has shooters singing its praises. If I'm already in an area where a local match is being held, I'm likely to attend that match. When this has happened, most of the time I've been pleased.

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I have made it a goal to shoot as as many different Wa and Or clubs as possible. As well as make It to both state matches and the regionals.


I work Sunday's and have 2 must shoots a month so that only leaves me 2 sat a month to do this but I have already shot at 3 other clubs and will be going to another club this sat. It gives an oppratunity to meet new people and see the way different clubs do things. Not to mention different stage designs I might run into at state and regional matches. Plus we all know hanging out with new people is fun

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I find it a real adventure to go to new clubs in some of my travels. People are always friendly and i have a good time. It's a hoot running into people you know from other shoots, people u know on the wire. what a great time!




oh yea, and remember, when someone walks into your club for the first time, go out of your way to make them feel welcome...(wu nose, et may be me) :lol:

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In the last couple of years I made a point to traveling to some of the fine clubs in Southern California. I had a great time and reconnected with folks who have come to my club over the past 18 years.


I hope to get to some north of me this year.


I prefer to go to monthlys rather than annuals or bigger shoots because I like to shoot. I'm not much into the socializing or shopping. I like to shoot so much that at the last monthly at my club I signed up and paid twice so I could shoot in 2 categories. Yes, I did my share of posse chores.


And, monthlys are much more affordable!



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