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Question On Grip Frames

Gray Hare, SASS #20821

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Glad to see this thread... I've kinda been wondering the same thing.. :blush:

My wife has a set of Ruger Vaquero bird head 32's...

she'd like to have the plow handle grips..

I've got a set of grip frames off my older 357 Ruger Vaqueros

I'm measured them with my calipurs at particular points and couldn't see any measurable difference..

Thanks for the info also..

Rance <_<

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I called Ruger about 6 months ago.. to see about getting plow handle grips frames for my wife's 32 birdheads..

They said they didn't have plow handle grip frames for the 32's.. I stopped asking questions there.. should have kept asking I guess.

I asked them "Are these 32's called a single six? or Vaquero?" They told me it was still a Vaquero..

My plow handle grip frames are from origingal (not new model) Vaquero 357..

Sounds like the previous post say they'll interchange..just my understanding from what I've read on this thread..


Rance <_<

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