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I've been pondering the Appleseed Shoots...


I have no formal rifle training, and no experience with any rifles other than a .22 45 years ago and my SASS 1860 Henry....


The web site says "any rifle", but points out that you'll be shooting a lot of rounds, so you may want to consider the cost of ammo....


So what fits the bill best? I'm thinking of picking up another rifle, but I want it to serve another purpose other than just these Shoots....


A .22? If so, what style?


A black rifle?


At 60 yards, should I just stick with the Henry, or is that plain impractical for this exercise?


What have you used? If you were to do it again, what would you want to have?


Appreciate your thoughts.



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Should be easy enough to take your Henry to a shoot and try it. That'll give you a venue for practice with your CAS rifle... and it'll also give you a chance to see and discuss what others are using.


Pretty much the same idea for a new CAS shooter: Get thee to a match and have at it. Modify as you like over time based on what you learn and personal preferences.


You'll probably get a whole bunch of those folks askin' about your Henry, too :D



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Hey Loophole,


Here is the deal, You want a Ruger 10/22, optics are OK or Tech sights (WWW.Tech-SIGHTS.com ). Fit it with a GI style sling, either 1907 or adjustable web (sold on the Appleseed web store). Have at least 1 extra mag as there are 2 stages with mag changes. This is the typical LTR (Liberty Training Rifle). Also bring a shooting mat. I have used GI foam sleeping pads but they don't stay unrolled very well. Midway had mats on sale for about $25.00. Bring a folding chair to listen to the 3 Strikes of the Match in comfort.


The Henry is way cool, take it and try an AQT with it. I fear you will become frustrated trying to sight it to the point required to shoot Rifleman.


Appleseed is a very worthwhile program and the story of April 19, 1775 shows why it's important to be a Rifleman. Welcome, get your patch and start Bailing!


Your Pard


Ten High

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While I haven't attended an Appleseed shoot yet,


All the reading I've done show most using Ruger 10/22's with a standard 10 rnd mag.


Sure looks like fun ta' me :D

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Several web sites for you:


Liberty Rifle


Appleseed Blog


Slings, coats, things


Massad Ayoob's Blog Postings on Appleseed


Appleseed Home


Do it! This is really excellent training, and well worth the time and minimal cost. And free for active duty military, women, and youts.

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Having put on three Appleseed shoots at the local gun club, go with what Ten High recommends. Even if you have to go out and buy a Ruger 10-22, outfit it with a peep sight and another mag you'll end up saving money using .22s over say an AR or M1. The recoil factor over two days can be brutal as well. The 10-22 will allow any and all training to be focused on by you. Have fun, I've gotten very good feedback by all attendees so far.

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Any semi auto 22 with magazines would work well. You might want more than two mags though. You do two mag changes per shooting string but there are a lot of shooting strings. Depending upon the size of the group, they could be close together thereby not leaving much time to reload the mags between strings.


I would suggest practicing the moves beforehand to get in shape. I didn't and paid for it dearly. The worst for me was that I rubbed my elbows raw, even with a flannel shirt, shooting mat and folded towel! You will be shooting prone, seated/kneeling and standing. You will move from one position to the other during a shooting string. Your muscles will suffer from all of these different positions if you are not prepared. Another issue for me was hot brass from the shooter next to me. Make sure you are protected from that. I have a few scars.


So, in addition to the rifle, get a shooting jacket with padded elbows, the shooting mat and maybe another foam pad. Also, work out doing the movements beforehand!


If you have more than one rifle, take two just in case.

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