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  1. Thanks for looking at it for me! You might remember I just had my account remade a few weeks ago because I wasn't able to post anything anywhere. Can't see how that would be germane, but I mention it just in case. Can't really think of anything else useful. Seems I ought to be receiving email notifications, but... I'm not. -Chris ***** I just sent you a private message (PM), let me know if you get it.****
  2. I'm not receiving notifications via e-mail. I've gone to account settings, and everything is turned on... including all the e-mail options at the bottom of that settings page... and I get the notification red flag up by the bell and a pop-up at the bottom of the browser window... but I'm not receiving anything at all my e-mail. I've check the online junk folder, and my Outlook client junk and McAffee spam folders, nada. Help? -Chris Hi Chris, 1. If you didn't check Outlook's SPAM folder for you on their server, do so. If SASS messages are there, loosen your SPAM setting and add sasswire@sassnet.com to your White Mail list there. Also add it to your PC's address book. 2. As a mass of people aren't reporting this, it is likely to be your personal settings here or the things listed in No. 1. I get email notifications with the following settings. Go to Settings, Account Settings in the drop-down menu next to your name. On the right, under Other Settings, select Notification settings. Check the first box for "Send me news and information. Under Method to use for Content I Follow Automatically, select A notification when new content is posted. Under Notification Preferences, if desired check the first and last box. Click the Save button. Let me know if it works.
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