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  1. Thanks for looking at it for me! You might remember I just had my account remade a few weeks ago because I wasn't able to post anything anywhere. Can't see how that would be germane, but I mention it just in case. Can't really think of anything else useful. Seems I ought to be receiving email notifications, but... I'm not. -Chris ***** I just sent you a private message (PM), let me know if you get it.****
  2. I'm not receiving notifications via e-mail. I've gone to account settings, and everything is turned on... including all the e-mail options at the bottom of that settings page... and I get the notification red flag up by the bell and a pop-up at the bottom of the browser window... but I'm not receiving anything at all my e-mail. I've check the online junk folder, and my Outlook client junk and McAffee spam folders, nada. Help? -Chris Hi Chris, 1. If you didn't check Outlook's SPAM folder for you on their server, do so. If SASS messages are there, loosen your SPAM settin
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